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UNC needs a change in leadership


Opposition Leader Kamla Parsad Visesar
Opposition Leader Kamla Parsad Visesar

The opposition UNC will have to change its current leadership and ally with other parties if it wants to defeat the PNM in the 2025 general election. It is likely that he will remain in power until 2030.

These are the latest North American and Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) findings released Friday.

After being re-elected as UNC leader in June’s internal elections, opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the party was open to new alliances to dismantle the PNM.

Persad-Bissessar promised to return the UNC to the government.

The survey randomly interviewed 520 voters to represent the demographics of the population.

According to the study, NACTA said:

NACTA says the PNM is unpopular with voters (including some of its traditional supporters who want political change), yet UNC and other parties that oppose the PNM have failed to attract voter attention. said.

Floating voters who don’t support any party call UNC a turnoff because it “has too many filthy people.”

NACTA said it could defeat the PNM in the next general election if the UNC transformed itself under credible leadership and formed an alliance similar to the 1986 National Reconstruction Alliance (NAR). In that election, the NAR defeated her PNM 33-3.

The NAR then collapsed as a result of internal politics, losing to the PNM in the 1991 general election.

According to NACTA, the survey found that while support for the UNC increased by 1% among those who supported the PNM in the August 10, 2020 general election, “traditional support is fading.”

People who voted for UNC in 2020 will not vote for UNC in 2025, according to NACTA research. NACTA said UNC is unattractive to those voters in terms of attracting support from key swing voters to win key fringe constituencies such as San Fernando West and St. Joseph.

NACTA claimed that the PNM held marginal seats in UNC-held Pointe-a-Pierre, Chaguanas East, Barataria/San Juan and Moruga/Tableland.

“Voters believe that while all four seats held by the UNC are in jeopardy, none of the four marginal MPs held by the PNM are in jeopardy, and that the PNM will run the government for its next term. I think we are strengthening that to maintain.”

UNC founder and former Prime Minister Vasudeo Pandey is among those voters believe can give their party a chance to win in future general elections. Panday publicly gave up his ties with the UNC and said it was no longer the party he founded in 1988.

Oropouche East MP and UNC Vice-President Dr. Roodal Moonilal and former UNC MPs Dr. Fuad Khan and Vasant Bharath are others who believe voters can restore confidence in the party.

After losing to Persad-Bissessar in the UNC’s internal elections in June, Khan decided to retire from active political activism, saying the UNC had no future as long as Persad-Bissessar remained its leader.

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