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Highlighting ‘Shepherd’ Leadership: Former Local Pastor Publishes Book on Jesus’ Sacrificial Ways

In the world of selfies, former pastor Dan Howes encourages selflessness.

In a world where corporate leaders and ministers take the initiative by force, Howes encourages sacrifice.

He openly says it wasn’t his idea. He says it was Jesus’ idea.

This is part of his focus in his recently published book, The Path of the Shepherd: How to Lead Like Jesus. This is a sideline spin-off of the 66-year-old pastor’s 30+ years of corporate leadership training. , non-profits and ministries worldwide.

He is best known in Columbus for helping launch Terrace Lake Church, one of the fastest growing congregations in the area, and retired pastor a year ago to join his wife, Kim. We moved together to Abilene, Texas, and attended high school there. and university.

“I’m a kid from the ’60s,” Howes said over the phone from home. “I was really part of ‘my generation’.

“And it’s still part of my sons’ generation. To sit at the traffic light and take a picture of yourself and post it on social media to see how many people like it.” I’m impressed by the man who can do it.

“And his identity is shaped by how many ‘likes’ he gets. ”

Houze’s work now takes place in his organization called 12:8 Leadership Ministries. It is based on Romans 12:8, which mentions the importance of “leading with enthusiasm.”

“The ministry wants to see talented leaders grow into shepherd leaders,” he said. I think we’ve all seen too many talented leaders fall over the years.

“A lot of this had to do with the fact that their lack of character outweighed their talent. lead for 20 years (like that), we want to help them find a way to finish well.”

The definition from House’s book is clear. A shepherd leader is someone who serves and lovingly feeds the sheep according to New Testament patterns.

And it comes from the words of John 15:10 in the Bible: A good shepherd gives up his life for his sheep. ”

The authors also make it clear that everyone is called upon to lead in some way. business people, parents and even students. First and foremost, Howes speculates, a leader’s character and identity must be rooted in what he calls “living in the unwavering love of the Lord.”

“If your identity is solid on that idea, then everything can work for you from that point on. (to win the love of others).”

Quoting corporate guru Warren Bennis, Howes describes leadership as “expressing yourself, No prove yourself. ”

The minister admitted that part of his past was a battle with anxiety that was “driven to prove himself”.

“I recognize that many leaders feel the pressure to succeed,” says Hoze. “Sometimes a lot of it stems from childhood and expectations from others.”

The author credits others for helping him refocus.

“I am grateful for the people God has given me in my life to remind me that God’s unwavering love is above all else,” he said.

Columbus resident Mark Foster, a member of Howes’ 12:8 Leadership Ministry Board, saw the Howes pastor while here and saw first-hand his ability to connect with people.

“He is more discerning than anyone I have ever worked with and can spot strengths and weaknesses quickly,” said Foster. “The point of me being involved in his ministry is that, although he is at an age when many are retired and laid back, his talent is sorely needed in today’s world. .”

About the author

Name: Dan Howes

Age: 66

Wife: Kim

Hometown: Abilene, Texas

Now: Founder and Director of 12:8 Leadership Ministries, which trains leaders in the corporate, nonprofit, and church worlds.It can be reached with [email protected]

Recent Activity: Helping discover and pastor the Terrace Lake Church in Columbus

Local Experience: Columnist for The Republic’s Faith & Community section.

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