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Biketoberfest brings business to hurricane-damaged Daytona

There was some concern that the damage from Hurricane Ian would keep people from coming to Biketoberfest this year. Judging by the crowd that gathered on Friday, it seems that was not the case.

After Hurricane Ian set them back, many businesses are looking to make the most of that crowd.

Motaz Mozayan, owner of Wild ‘n Crazy Airbrush on Main Street in Daytona, said: After Hurricane Ian his shop was without power for over a week. “But there are people in town. When there are people in town, there is always an opportunity to increase sales.”

Danny Yanesh, sales manager at Biker Bros. Apparel, which is located just around the corner, said the store had to close, usually when they were preparing for Bike Toberfest.

“The main thing was that we had power and no internet. That’s what you need when you’re preparing for an event like this.”

30th Annual Biketoberfest

Many shops, including Biker Brothers, hope to sell Biketoberfest-specific merchandise to bring in extra cash.

Most of the bikers are old like me and these are old bikes,” said Yanesh. So those are really cool to me. ”

Samantia Reed bought her first commemorative shirt at Biketoberfest on Friday.

“It’s been really nice, because it’s been so welcoming and so accommodating,” Reed said.

She says she loves watching all the female bikers.

“It’s very crowded, but it’s very safe. Everyone is welcome. There are many types of people here. It’s a great event.”

And of course there are many people who have been coming to Biketoberfest for years. 30th time this year. Roland Parker said he believes more people attended than usual this year.

“We’re here to enjoy the festival, hear the music, and participate,” Parker said.

Biketoberfest continues for the rest of the weekend. Swap meets, bike shows and various concerts are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

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