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Utah Tech Hosts Debate for Candidates for Washington County Commission, Utah House of Representatives – St. George News

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st. George — Citizens will have the opportunity to see candidates from the Washington County Commission and the Utah House of Representatives’ 72nd District share a campaign platform as the November 8 election approaches.

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According to a press release issued by the Utah Tech University, the candidate debate will take place Wednesday from 6-9 p.m. at the Dolores Dore Eccles Fine Arts Center Main Stage Theater on the Utah Tech campus. The event is sponsored by the Utah Tech Institute of Political Science, the Washington County Debate Coalition, and the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce.

Forums are open to the public and community participation is welcome and encouraged.

The debate will be moderated by Chris Reid, Reporter and Editor-in-Chief of St. George News.

The first debate includes Washington County Commission candidates Gil Almquist, Robert Ford, Victor Iverson, Chuck Goode, Adam Snow and Rebecca Windsor. The second debate will be between Joseph Ellison and Ila Fika, candidates for the 72nd seat of the Utah House of Representatives.

Each debate lasts one hour, with a 30-minute break between debates to allow candidates to meet and greet the public.

“This is the second series of debates sponsored by the Coalition,” said Vince Brown, co-chair of the Washington County Debate Coalition. Seeing citizens interacting meaningfully with our elected leaders makes me very proud of where I live.”

The Institute of Political Science at Utah Tech University serves the campus and community as a hub for education and research in civic engagement, student leadership, and public policy. The Institute provides an opportunity to connect with policy makers, politicians, activists and academics. For more information about the Utah Tech Institute of Political Science, please visit this website.

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