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SAIC Motor’s Rising Auto and Jieneng Zhidian Jointly Launch RBS’s Automotive Battery Separation Service

Shanghai (Gasgou)- Rising Auto, a smart electric vehicle (EV) brand owned by SAIC Motor, announced on October 14, 2018, that RBS ( RISING Battery Service) has started. With replaceable battery.

RBS will separate battery and electric vehicle ownership to reduce costs for Rising R7 owners. Using this innovative service, users who purchase an R7 with a 90kWh battery pack can save 100,000 yuan ($13,900) on the initial purchase price and only need to pay 1,560 yuan ($220) in monthly rent. However, users who choose the 77kWh battery pack can reduce the initial cost by 84,000 yuan and pay 1,260 yuan ($175) per month in rent.

SAIC Motor's Rising Auto and Jieneng Zhidian Jointly Launch RBS's Automotive Battery Separation Service

Rising R7; Photo Credit: Rising Auto

In addition, Jieneng Zhidian is committed to ensuring the safety and health of users who adopt RBS throughout the battery life cycle, alleviating users’ concerns about vehicle depreciation due to battery capacity decay.

Notably, Rising Auto also offers flexible options for used car sales. The company’s official used car platform allows users to sell vehicles equipped with rental battery packs. However, if the user wants to sell his car through other platforms, he will have to buy his pack of batteries.

RBS is an integral part of the automaker’s RISING POWER solution, which also includes industry-leading electric motors, ECUs, power battery technology, battery safety and maintenance technology, and standardized battery replacement technology.

SAIC Motor announced on September 22 that Jieneng Zhidian, a subsidiary specializing in battery replacement business jointly established by Sinopec Group, PetroChina Company Limited, CATL and Shanghai International Automobile City, has already been incorporated. to the battery replacement domain.

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