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Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween Event Invaded by UFOs

Grand Theft Auto Online players looking for a spooky fix need look no further as Rockstar Games has announced the presence of a mysterious UFO.

rockstar gameslet gta online Fans know to keep their eyes on the skies for the game’s Halloween event, which might catch a glimpse of a UFO. UFO content comes along with some other spooky activity gta online Fans can dive in.

It’s that time of year, and with the rollout of the Halloween update, many gaming-as-a-service experiences are seeing an uptick.from world of warcraftTo apex legendsit has become a tradition for many fans to incorporate spooky Halloween content updates to their favorite games. I was hooked on the fun. gta online.

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This year, Rockstar Games announced via Twitter that players will have the opportunity to find and record otherworldly visitors. With sightings of his UFOs all over the city of Los Santos, gamers can seek out and photograph the aircraft. Rockstar provided a hint about rewards available if players could record all extraterrestrials, and said such players could receive fees from generous followers.

There are many other Halloween events! gta online At the same time as UFO activity. Hundreds of jack-o-lanterns are now scattered throughout southern San Andreas. If a player manages to hunt down 10 of these pumpkins, he’ll be rewarded with a daily GTA$50,000 bonus and, more importantly, the Horror Pumpkin Mask. The devs also teased the event by saying that gamers who manage to find all the pumpkins in less than a day will get even more bonus GTA$ and some rare items. You’ll also be given the chance to wear the face of one of the squads from the new Judgment Day Adversary Mode, where teams of riders and hunted teams face off in a game of murderous hide-and-seek. You can get your first mask just by logging in during the event, and other masks are unlocked for specific purposes.

Our continued investment in seasonal events like this is not only great for our fans, but it also reflects the continued health of the game. gta online After nearly a decade of playing, analyzing, and sometimes breaking games, it’s still widely popular.

After hitting gold like Rockstar Games gta onlineit’s hard to imagine how it could be defeated. grand theft auto 6 continues the tradition of both great seasonal events and outstanding open world gameplay.

gta online Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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