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Doctor. Kelil and Raghu appointed Faculty DEI Committee Leaders

Headshot composite of Tatiana Kelil, MD (left) and Preethi Raghu, MD (right), nominated as Co-Chairs of the UCSF Radiology DEI Committee.

I am pleased to inform you Tatiana Kerill, M.D., and the new Co-Chair of the Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the UCSF Division of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging. Dr. Raghu, based at Zuckerberg’s San Francisco General Hospital, specializes in abdominal imaging and ultrasound. Dr. Keryl works primarily at his UCSF Breast Care Center and specializes in breast imaging. Dr. Kelil said, “Sharing the leadership of the committee from within UCSF and county hospitals is an opportunity for synergy of energies and perspectives.”

The new co-chairs will take their positions at an important time for women in medicine. Everyone has felt the strain of the pandemic era, but women have been disproportionately affected. . Women’s academic productivity declined significantly during this period, according to reports. The incoming Chair wants to ensure that such women are not left behind and provide support to move them up the academic ladder. Dr. Kelil and Dr. Raghu said they were interested in highlighting the contributions of female radiologists and radiologists from underrepresented backgrounds.

Dr. Kelil said:th Number of female members and 20th Our department here at UCSF is more advanced than other regions, improving in measures such as the percentage of female residents, but there is an opportunity for improvement and both Chairpersons are working with our department to I look forward to continuing my DEI leadership.

Dr. Raghu said: I am very grateful for the significant support I have received from mentors with DEI backgrounds and plan to use the DEI committee to help more people follow my path. ”

Dr. Kerrill also notes the UCSF Health Equity Council’s goal of expanding access to healthcare and providing the same types of care to all patients across a wide range of facilities. she said: Our own backyard.Across medicine, black women and Latino women each make up just 2% of her professionals, and the implications of that will be addressed during my presidency of the DEI. .”

Regarding the future plans of the DEI Commission, the new Co-Chairs will support existing initiatives such as the department’s research initiative to promote diversity in radiology RIDR and radiology elective REDR to promote diversity in radiology departments. continue. A diverse and underrepresented background in radiology applying to a two-week fourth-year clinical elective offered through UCSF’s School of Medicine. Dr Raghu describes RIDR as “an important way to reach out to high school, college and medical students and promote diversity. I recognize that it is.

But even in these initial early stages, they want to expand. “The RIDR program has been very successful, but by its very nature is limited to students who are already interested in research and have eight weeks of time available,” Dr. Kerill said. It may be focused on clinical exposure to radiology,” he said. A round of shadowing and preceptorship to find out what radiology is like stimulates career aspirations in high school students who might not otherwise be fully aware of radiology as a profession. There is likely to be.

The department is effectively managing the need for pandemic distancing, but even the most effective online spaces are not quite the same. Many global health outreach efforts are still underway as the shadowing of the public has already resumed. And we have confirmed that we plan to hold it as socially appropriate as possible.

Co-Chairs Dr. Kerrill and Dr. Raghu would like to thank their predecessor, Matthew Bucknor, MD, for his excellent leadership. As Dr. Raghu noted, “Dr. One of the most successful DEI programs, it has remained strong through its complete transformation into an online experience.”

Please congratulate Dr. Kelil and Dr. Raghu on their new roles.

A full faculty DEI committee consists of the following members:

  • Matt Buckner, MD
  • Christine Glastonbury, MBBS
  • Jemian Bautista, M.D.
  • Roxanna Juarez, MD
  • Kimberly Carinos, M.D.
  • Tatiana Kelil, MD (Chair)
  • Vishal Kumar, M.D.
  • Gina Landines, M.D.
  • Sharmila Mjumdar, PhD
  • Kevin McGill, MD, MPH
  • Dr. Melanie Morrison
  • Preethi Raghu, MD (Chair)
  • Javier Villanueva Meyer, MD
  • Susan Wall, M.D.
  • Emma Webb, M.D.
  • Mark Wilson, MD
  • Samira Zebaljadian

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