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Crypto Prime Brokerage FPG Integrates ML Tech’s Algorithmic Trading Strategy

“Institutional investors are looking for new sources of uncorrelated alpha in cryptocurrency markets.”

Crypto Prime brokerage platform Floating Point Group (FPG) has partnered with non-custody investment management and trading platform ML Tech to provide access and oversight of ML Tech’s algorithmic trading strategies from within FlowVault. I’m here.

FlowVault is FPG’s cryptocurrency settlement and transfer platform for exchange-based trading, helping traders lower trading fees, expand access to exchanges, and open up new capital pools. The platform gives traders direct access to the exchange’s trading API, allowing them to transfer assets between exchanges and wallets without compromising operational security.

A curated selection of institutional-level quant trading strategies

ML Tech co-founder Leo Mindyuk said: The partnership with Floating Point Group gives investors access to a curated selection of institutional quality quantitative trading strategies managed by ML Tech within his secure FlowVault environment. With many trading strategies ranging from Delta Neutral Basis and Calendar Arbitrage to Market Neutral Statistical Arbitrage, investors can choose a strategy that fits their risk/return preferences and deploy it directly through FlowVault. ”

ML Tech’s Individually Managed Account (SMA) model provides pre-trade/post-trade risk management, 24/7 alerts and monitoring, and institutional investors have full ownership, transparency, and financial control over FlowVault. benefits from insurance.

FPG operates as an agency trading desk for crypto prime brokerage platforms and asset managers. The company has protected cryptocurrency insurance and is regulated in the US, but also holds his VASP registration in the Cayman Islands.

Prime Brokerage recently appointed ex-Fireblocks Chris Hazelton as Director of Marketing, bringing over 15 years of experience in marketing and market research, the last seven years leading product marketing for cryptocurrency and cybersecurity services.

He has built and led the marketing teams for custody technology provider Fireblocks, mobile security pioneer Lookout, and BlackBerry’s $400 million enterprise software division. His experience also includes his ten years as an industry analyst for S&P Market Intelligence and IDC Research. As Marketing Director, Hazelton will drive FPG’s brand building and market leadership across demand generation, content, PR, social, and product marketing. Not only does he advocate for customers using FlowVault to grow their cryptocurrency business,

FPG has also appointed Peter Eliades as Head of Distribution, responsible for overseeing the sales and business development teams in the US and APAC regions, reporting to co-founder Kevin March. Peter Eliades is the same as TradFi, who joined the leadership team, mostly technical and crypto-native, and has spent most of his career at banking giants JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

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