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BIG3 Certified as a Black Owned Company

BIG3 is the first professional sports league to be certified as a Black owned and operated business by the Black American Chamber of Commerce, ByBlack.

Los Angeles, October 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, BIG3 announced that the league has been officially recognized as a Black owned and operated operator by ByBlack and Black Chambers Inc in the United States. This certification establishes the league as part of his ByBlack network, distinguishing BIG3 as: The first and only professional sports league to be accredited.

BIG3 CEO and co-founder Ice Cube said: “From day one, the league has been dedicated to providing opportunities for Black players, fans, investors and partners. We are proud to be part of the national network of Black business owners. Supporting Black businesses has been a lifelong passion of mine, and the BIG3 will continue to build on that success and lift other Black entrepreneurs.”

“USBC is energized by the BIG3 Basketball League becoming a ByBlack accredited business. It’s the first step in what we consider to be a partnership, and we applaud Ice Cube for leading this initiative, with Ice Cube, the BIG3, and other black-owned businesses in the sports and entertainment industry. Together, it is our goal to continue this partnership.” Ron Busby Sr.CEO and President of USBC.

As an innovation-focused league, BIG3 has made several new enhancements to the player and fan experience over the course of five seasons. League introduces first-of-its-kind Forever Experience Action Tokens (FEAT) leveraging blockchain technology to sell his NFTs and redefine how teams and leagues use his Web3.0 technology Did. Owners include the community of Axie Infinity members. The current owner of the three-time champion Trilogy, DeGods, Gary Vaynerchuk and viefriends, Bill Lee and MyDoge/DogeCoin, Krause Houseand Snoop Dogg and co-founder of PayPal Ken Howery.

Recently, Ice Cube co-founded a deal with the Black America Institute, forging a ground-breaking partnership with the National Football League, allowing the league to invest directly in and partner with Black-owned businesses. $125 million We are working on it, and the work is ongoing. This strategic partnership with Black Chambers, Inc. of the United States provides the BIG3 with a direct pipeline to Black businesses at all stages, Black Chambers at the national level, and recognized national accreditation by ByBlack. increase. All of these are founders in the league and its commitment to black entrepreneurs.

BIG3 also introduced Heat Vision, proprietary 3-on-3 shot tracking software powered by Microsoft Azure and Noah Basketball Analytics, giving BIG3 players and coaches real-time data on every shot, including arc, rotation and depth. is now accessible. Last season also saw the Monster Energy BIG3 Celebrity Game. Rob GronkowskiNelly, NLE Choppa, Wallo267, Gillie Da Kid.

The BIG3 will announce a full schedule, including air dates and venues, in the coming weeks.

About BIG3:
BIG3 (BIG3.com) is where the FIREBALL3 superstars play. The premier global BIG3 league features some of the best, most popular and accomplished professional athletes of all time. Founded by producer, actor and music legend Ice Cube and entertainment executives. Jeff KwatinetsBIG3 combines a highly competitive, physical, and fast gaming experience with an incredible fan experience.

ByBlack’s mission is to create meaningful economic opportunity for Black people through Black businesses within the community. We achieve this goal by building bold tools and strategic partnerships that enable Black businesses to grow and thrive. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that develops everyday solutions to the intergenerational problems of black economic challenges.visit www.byblack.us for more information.

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