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American tech workers in China face tough choices • The Register

U.S. restrictions on semiconductor technology transfers to China are poised to wreak havoc on the lives of Americans working in the Middle Kingdom, according to Stephen Oaken, a former U.S. Department of Transportation official and U.S. political expert.

Speaking at an event at the American Club in Singapore on Thursday, Okun said the regulations announced last Friday would not only stop AI chips and semiconductor manufacturing equipment from reaching China, but would also prevent Americans working for related Chinese companies. to resign

Okun, Clinton-era deputy general counsel for the Department of Transportation and now CEO of APAC Advisors, said:

Okun said hundreds of Chinese-American semiconductor, AI, and other tech industry workers could be violating U.S. law just by going to work every day.

“There are real legal issues. [Chinese American tech workers] I didn’t think they needed to be addressed,” Okun added.

Okun also said he was almost certain the Biden administration was planning to limit foreign investment in China. He elaborated:

One of the consequences of a potential reverse CFIUS is that venture capital firms in countries such as Singapore that invest in Chinese technology companies and raise money from sources including US citizens may seek uncles before buying Chinese companies. It means you need to ask Sam’s permission.

“It will come regardless of what happens in the midterm elections,” said the CEO.

Regarding the US mid-term elections and the possibility of foreign hacking and interference, Okun said such activities cannot be taken lightly, but that “President Putin is very tied up in Ukraine,” so interference from Russia is a concern. is decreasing.

“The constant concern is not about voting systems being hacked or people changing their votes, but about disinformation and influence manipulation,” he added. ®

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