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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Trevor Actor Stephen Ogg Sends Fans Weird Cameo

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Actor Stephen Ogg, best known for playing Trevor. grand theft auto 5, recently sent a cameo video to Rockstar fans who were taken aback by the reaction. Fans described the message as “irritating” and “angry.” Ogg’s Trevor character grand theft auto 5 Often portrayed as a loose canon, it can also come into conflict with other characters in the game.

The game’s developer was recently in the news following a hacking incident that led to Rockstar Games blocking social media replies.Hack reveals early footage of the studio’s upcoming grand theft auto 6, It also reveals the names of the two main characters, Jason and Lucia. The intent of the cameo video starring Ogg was to warn GTA6characters talk about the dangers of Vice City in the upcoming sandbox game.

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Ogg character Trevor grand theft auto 5 Some consider him a hero, while others consider him a kind of anti-hero. GTA Speedrunner and YouTuber Hugo One says he used the celebrity video messaging platform Cameo to reach out to Steven Ogg. After paying the actor his $140, they asked and warned Ogg to record a video as Trevor. GTA6 The Jason and Lucia characters are “Watch out for Vice City” and “Watch out for the cops in Port Gellhorn”. Port Gelhorn is grand theft auto 5Hugo Wang says he told the actor when making his cameo request.

Ogg replied, “I’m not Trevor. My name is Steven. I’m an actor” before proceeding to record the message requested by Hugo One. “he [Hugo One] “Of course, I’m not Trevor. My name is Stephen and I’m an actor. It’s literally impossible to become, I have to take it off my chest,” Ogg continued. grand theft auto 5.

Still, for the purposes of the cameo video, Stephen Ogg seems to have broken character and captured Trevor’s quirky nature. grand theft auto 5Hugo one shared a video on YouTube and explained that he wanted to create a mutual connection. grand theft auto 5 When GTA6Hugo Wang was surprised that Stephen Ogg was so offended by the request to make a video as Trevor. Hugo Wang went on to say that it was not uncommon for actors to make cameo messages as well-known characters and felt Stephen Ogg didn’t need to spend a few minutes blaming them for the request.

grand theft auto 5 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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