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Former Dolphins Marlins executive to lead UCF’s DeVos sports business management program

Former Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins executive Adrian Boucher was recently appointed as the new director of the DeVos Sports Business Management Program at the University of Central Florida. Boucher’s hiring follows the retirement of sports industry pioneer, author and activist Richard Rapchik. After spending his 12 years at the University of Tulsa, Boucher will continue a globally-ranked program that provides a pipeline of talent to the sports business industry.

Adrien Bouchet, New Director of UCF’s DeVos Sport Business Management Program

“Of course I knew about Richard Rapchik. We were reading his books in class,” says Boucher. Over the years, DeVos has been recognized as the top sports business program in the United States. wall street journal, new york times When forbes magazineThe program was ranked 8th in the world. sports business in Graduate School Rankings 2022.

The DeVos program offers students the opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree in Sports Business Administration and an MBA. Minors are also welcome. The program is also home to the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES), which publishes annual race and gender report cards for professional, collegiate, and amateur sports. A widely published report card helps the league hold itself accountable for hiring a diverse and inclusive staff.

Prior to joining UCF, he was the Warren Clinic Endowed Professor of Sports Business at the University of Tulsa. He is a Fulbright Fellow (Portugal) and a Research Fellow of the North American Association of Sports Management. In 2015, he received the MAYO Excellence in Research award from the University of Tulsa. He and co-authors were awarded a Knights Commission of Intercollegiate Athletics grant to study increased spending on NCAA athletics, and their conference paper was the basis for his article. I was. Prior to entering academia, he was Manager of Marketing Partnerships with the Dolphins of the NFL and Major League Baseball with the Marlins. He also worked for SFX/Clear Channel Entertainment (now he’s LiveNation) and He ISP/Learfield College Sports.

Bouchet’s industry experience and educational background made him an ideal candidate for the position. Paul Jarley, dean of his UCF College of Business, which runs the DeVos program, said: “He will work with various people in the industry and at UCF to ensure that our graduates will have the perspectives and skills necessary to become the next generation of leaders managing sports companies.”

Bouchet said the DeVos Sport Business Management Program aims to enable students to compete in the highly competitive sports industry while ranking among the top programs in the world.

“It is my goal to maintain DeVos’ world-class reputation and to be an asset to our students and alumni,” said Bouchet, who will headline Dean’s Speaker Series at the Citrus Club on Thursday, October 20. say. Bouchet discusses UCF’s move to the Big 12 and the impact the conference restructuring will have on his UCF’s track and field and college football outlook. Breakfast and parking are free. Register today.

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