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THE RIDE Theatrical Entertainment Bus Leaves New York City on Sunday

On February 25, 2020, THE RIDE welcomed its one millionth customer aboard a custom-built entertainment bus. After navigating bumpy roads during the pandemic, we will be making our final trip on the streets of New York this Sunday. After 30,414 performances, THE RIDE hit the brakes.

THE RIDE turned the streets of New York into a stage.Photo: The Ride

THE RIDE said in a statement on their website: Thank you to all the fans! October 16, 2022 is your last chance to be part of what Broadway World calls “The Greatest Show On Wheels” experience. ”

THE RIDE first hit the streets of New York on October 15, 2010. Written and directed by Richard Humphrey, the concept is his 75-minute interactive experience shared by side-seat passengers on a bus that travels through city streets. Theatrical experiences unfold in Times Square and Midtown, where performers turn up and entertain.

The business is supported by 152 performers, technicians, drivers, box office managers and administrators, as well as 49 clients who enjoy each trip. Before the pandemic, 35 New York actors alternated the roles of ride hosts.
“Scott” and “Jackie”.

The Prevost H3-45 VIP Edition coach has been completely dismantled and rebuilt to include customized three rows of stadium style seating. Over 3,000 LED lights, 40 video screens, a surround sound system, and floor shaker technology emulate the feel and sound of everything from underground subway trains to the interiors of nightclubs and Broadway theaters.

Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer Richard Humphrey said: It is the world’s largest city with over 1 million tourists. He continued, “Hopefully this isn’t the end of THE RIDE and we can announce future iterations.

THE RIDE picks up passengers at W42nd Street.Photo: The Ride

Guests who purchased tickets directly from THE RIDE for dates after October 16th will be automatically refunded to the credit card used to make the purchase by October 23rd. For all other purchases, please contact the retailer to arrange a refund. THE RIDE team can email with any additional questions. The company’s sister product, THE TOUR, will be shutting down at the same time as the company’s closure.

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