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Fireball XL5 60th Anniversary Comic Anthology Coming October 28th From Anderson Entertainment

For the first time in 60 years, all the TV21 comic strip adventures of Colonel Steve Zodiac have been collectedth Anniversary Fireball XL5 Anthology

New York, October 11, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Fireball XL5 60th Anniversary Comic Anthologyfeaturing all of Fireball XL5 and the Colonel’s 1960s TV21 comic strip adventures Steve Zodiacwill be available at October 28th From Anderson Entertainment. The extra-large 336-page hardcover book features the artistry of some of the best British talent of the time. Mike Noble, Ron Embleton, Frank Hampson, Eric Eden, Don LawrenceWhen Brian Lewisunpublished illustration by ; Mike Noble Decorate the cover of your book.Other highlights include strips from countdown and the TV21 Special, a brand new 17-page adventure strip by a renowned artist and Fireball XL5 mega fan Lee Sullivan (Doctor Who, Transformers, 2000 AD), Thunderbird, Stingray, and Captain Scarlet interact with Fireball and his crew for the first time.

Fireball XL5 debuted in October 1962. created by Jerry Anderson, the children’s sci-fi show wowed family audiences with its inventive story, Supermarionation puppetry, and groundbreaking visual effects. In it, Steve Zodiac pilots Fireball XL5 as Dr. Venus, Professor “Matt” Matic, and Robert the Robot, patrolling Sector 25 of interstellar space in interstellar space on behalf of the World Space Patrol. The show ran for his one season consisting of 39 black-and-white episodes. Interestingly, Fireball XL5 The story of the comic strip followed the show’s premiere from 1965, running while the series was still on the air, and running until 1968. The strip gave viewers their first look at his Fireball XL5 in color.

“This is a book we’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and we’re thrilled to have made it happen,” he said. Jamie Andersonson of Jerry Anderson Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment. “So many great artists have helped evolve their shows, ships and characters through comics.th anniversary Fireball XL5And Lee’s awesome new strip is the icing on the 60th birthday cake! “

Published by Anderson Entertainment Fireball XL5 60th Anniversary Comic Anthology upon October 28, 2022. US price $44.99/can $60/UK £39.99, available for pre-order now.

About Anderson Entertainment: Founded by Legendary Creators Jerry Anderson (1929-2012), Anderson Entertainment continues today to build on his incredible 60+ year legacy of globally successful, nostalgic and family-friendly TV and film IPs. The company’s broad capabilities range from licensing to merchandising, content creation to cultivating a fan base, consulting Anderson and Cult on his IP-related projects, to Anderson’s own direct-to-consumer sales and licensing operations. increase. www.anderson-entertainment.co.uk.

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