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Concerns that the proposed WA Recreational District Act will unfairly target Indigenous Peoples

A coalition of Aboriginal community groups and homeless services has sent a letter to the Washington state government expressing concerns about the proposed new Protected Entertainment District law.

Represented by Social Reinvestment WA, these organizations fear the law will unduly affect indigenous and vulnerable peoples and are calling on the government to address their concerns.

Aboriginal Legal Service WA (ALS WA) also said it had not been consulted and had serious concerns about the impact of the Protected Entertainment Precinct (PEP) Act.

The organization’s CEO, Dennis Egginton, said there was little evidence that PEP laws prevented violence and there was little doubt that many of those banned were Aboriginal people. rice field.

“This state must start by treating indigenous peoples as equals.It is a terrible, terrible disgrace that these orders have been implemented after going through everything in 2022,” he said. Told.

A headshot of Dennis Egginton against a background of Aboriginal colors.
Dennis Eggington is concerned that the new law will hurt Indigenous peoples. (ABC News: Sarah Collard)

The state government’s proposed legislation will keep people out of five districts: Perth Northbridge, Mandurah, Hillarys, Scarborough and Fremantle.

They are aimed at reducing violence in WA’s nightspots and are expected to be introduced to Congress later this year after consultation with stakeholders.

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