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Tesla wins best-selling car spot in tough German car market

Tesla has managed to secure its position as the best-selling car in Germany, a tough car market known for its preference for domestic brands.

Germany is an important automotive market in Europe and a difficult market for foreign automakers to enter due to a strong local industry with companies such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla has had its early efforts in Germany, but is now expected to do better at a local factory that produces German-made Tesla cars. Last year, Tesla delivered just under 40,000 of his vehicles in Germany.

Amazingly, a report came out last month that Tesla is aiming to increase sales to 80,000 units in 2022. That’s pretty ambitious considering Tesla was just under delivering 25,000 vehicles as of August.

Now, Tesla seems to have the momentum to make it happen. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) today reported his September car sales in Germany, with Tesla marking a record month.

The automaker delivered 9,848 Model Y vehicles, making the electric SUV the best-selling vehicle in the country. This is quite an achievement for a foreign automaker. Tesla has had some of the best-selling cars in several markets so far, but its sales in Germany are certainly a notable achievement.

In September, it took over the Volkswagen Golf, which had just over 7,000 units.

Based on registration data released by the KBA, the Tesla Model 3 also had a decent month with 3,878 deliveries in September.

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That puts Tesla just short of its 39,000 deliveries so far in 2022. The automaker will need a massive period in the fourth quarter to meet his reported target of 80,000 deliveries.

It seems almost impossible, but Gigafactory Berlin can be a big help.

Tesla recently reported that Model Y production has increased to 2,000 units per week. That number is expected to continue to grow in the fourth quarter, with a significant proportion of these vehicles remaining in Germany.

The market is still getting Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai, and may even get new Model S vehicles for the first time in a while.

I would still be surprised if Tesla could deliver 40,000 vehicles in Germany in the fourth quarter, but with this kind of momentum I think it’s possible.

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