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Mississippi Unemployment Rate Stuck at 3.6% in August | Mississippi Politics & News

AccelerateMS Executive Director says the Career Coach Program is one creative solution designed to help guide students to good jobs, relevant education and training in the community.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its report on job openings and turnover for August 2022. According to this, the number of vacancies fell to 10.1 million in the last business day of August, with almost no combined hiring and turnover. 6.3 million respectively and he changed to 6 million.

Read more: US job openings fell to 10.1 million on the last business day of August, BLS reports.

The Mississippi Employment Security Administration (MDES) reported 8,300 net job losses in Mississippi, leaving the unemployment rate unchanged at 3.6% in August.

Over the past 12 months, Mississippi added 11,800 jobs and the unemployment rate fell from 5.3% to 1.7%. In August, Mississippi’s private sector lost his 4,000 net private payroll jobs, and in the last 12 months he added 15,600 private payroll jobs in a survey of establishments.

The household survey showed that the number of net unemployed people fell by 840 in August, while employment increased by 34,618 over the past year. Mississippi’s labor force participation rate fell from 55.5% to 55.3% in August. The labor force participation rate rose by 0.4 percentage points from last year.

As of August 2022, 34 Mississippi counties had unemployment rates below the state’s 3.6%.

Rankin and Union counties had the lowest August unemployment rates at 2.7%, while Lamar counties had 2.8%. Jefferson County had the highest unemployment rate in August, at 14.3% for him, followed by Claiborne County at 9.0% for him.

AccelerateMS executive director Ryan Miller said his office recognizes that the labor market is difficult and often fluctuating based on many factors. Many of these factors are external and largely outside the control of the state. However, there are some controllable internal factors that can create a healthier labor supply and lead to positive trends in long-term employment.

“Our office develops creative solutions to encourage more workers to enter the labor market so that Mississippi businesses can continue to access the labor force they need. To that end, we are working with training providers, industry partners, community and state leaders to do just that,” Miller told Y’all Politics.

The 2022 Mississippi Legislature passed House Bill 1388 and House Bill 1517. These bills created and funded career coaching programs to connect and prepare high school students for the most in-demand jobs in Mississippi.

At the end of August, AccelerateMS announced an $8 million investment in Mississippi high schools to help significantly expand its career coaching programs in Mississippi public high schools.

Read more: AccelerateMS announces $8 million American Rescue Plan investment in 125 high school career coaches in Mississippi.

The executive director of AccelerateMS said the career coaching program, which was initially piloted in Lee, Pontotoc, and Union counties and is now growing exponentially in communities around Mississippi, helps students get better said to be one creative solution designed to guide work and provide relevant education and training opportunities. their community.

“Our high schools, community colleges, universities, and nonprofits are working within our communities to provide students with access to workplace-based learning opportunities to gain hands-on experience and connect with businesses in Mississippi. We’re working on it,” said Miller.

“Ultimately, we cannot control the overall change in the global and domestic labor market, but the investments and strategies we collectively employ today will ensure that Mississippi people You will be better prepared to succeed in the market.

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