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Forbes: Best Auto Insurance Companies of 2023

10. Plymouth Rock Assurance

Founded year: 1982

Number of workers: 1,500

(Credit: Plymouth Rock Assurance)

9. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

Founded year: 1952

Number of workers: 850

(Credit: Texas Farm Bureau Insurance)

8. Westfield Insurance

Year of establishment: 1848

Number of workers: 2,600

(Credit: Westfield Insurance)

7. Missouri Department of Agriculture Insurance

Year of establishment: 1915

Number of workers: none

(Credit: Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance)

6. Erie Insurance

Year of establishment: 1925

Number of workers: 6,000

(Credit: Erie Insurance)

5. Tennessee Department of Agriculture Insurance

Year of establishment: 1948

Number of workers: 350

(Credit: Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee)

4.NJM Insurance Group

Year of establishment: 1913

Number of workers: 2,500

(Credit: NJM Insurance Group)

3. Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance

Year of establishment: 1919

Number of workers: 700

(Credit: Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance)


Year of establishment: 1922

Number of workers: 35,000

(Credit: USAA)

1. Lemonade

Founded year: 2015

Number of workers: 1,119

(Credit: Lemonade)

To better understand how policyholders view property and casualty, life and health insurers, Forbes and Statista, for their second annual America’s Best Insurance Companies report, We surveyed over 15,000 consumers.

Companies ranked their overall satisfaction in five categories:

  • financial advice
  • customer service
  • Transparency/Digital Services
  • price/performance
  • damage/benefit
  • Likelihood of respondents to recommend the company

Forbes reports that all of the highest rated insurers have adopted digital processes to deliver an experience that meets the expectations of the modern consumer.

“The ability of customers to avoid face-to-face meetings, submit claims online, and generally ‘do it yourself’ has been disruptive to customers who are lagging in adopting technology,” the report notes. I’m here.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), technology has brought benefits to policyholders for some companies, but it does not separate them from the many issues plaguing the auto insurance industry.

These issues include increased loss costs due to increased frequency and severity of accidents. According to Triple-I, an increase in traffic accidents will lead to more road casualties and more lawyers involved in claims.

In addition to this, auto insurers are grappling with supply chain issues and rising repair costs for technology-laden vehicles.

The slideshow above shows the top-ranked auto insurers in the 2nd Annual Forbes/Statista Annual Survey of America’s Best Insurers.


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