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BJP leadership huddles to counter MP counter-incumbency.latest news india

Amid speculation that a revamp of Madhya Pradesh’s organization and state cabinet will take place ahead of the 2023 parliamentary elections, the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party has opposed the anti-incumbent and has become socially and economically marginalized. It pursues electoral strategies that play a decisive role in shaping a respected community. election results.

Some party leaders are also wary of hard-line narratives unfolding in their states, which could disrupt their outreach to communities, said a party official with knowledge of the details. .

The central leadership remains tight-lipped about possible changes at the top, reflecting reforms carried out in Gujarat last year, but the state is determined to defeat the anti-incumbents and reduce frustration with the current government. Speculation abounds for… state leadership may change. Gujarat changed its prime minister and entire cabinet last year ahead of state elections scheduled later this year.

“A series of meetings have been held, the latest of which was held last week in the Ratapani Forest Reserve, chaired by (the National General Secretariat) BL Santosh, on how the party will draw support from the drifted SC and ST communities. We discussed a wide range of issues, including whether the

Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, National Secretary General Kailash Vijayvargia and State President VD Sharma were among the many elected leaders who attended the meeting.

Citing a focus on SC and ST communities, many social welfare programs were run by centers and state governments, but there were gaps in implementation and narratives of the BJP being defiant by some opposition parties. It was created, officials said. -reserve.

The party tally in 2018 fell to 109 from 165 in 2013, but the parliament increased by 56 seats to 114, forming a government with a parliament of 230 members. The BJP returned to power in 2020 after parliamentary leader Jyotira Ditya Scindia joined his BJP along with 22 others.

Indeed, in the 2019 House of Commons elections, the party’s performance contrasted with state polls, with the BJP winning 28 of the 29 seats in the House of Commons.

Massive outreach has already begun in areas dominated by tribal communities and in SC candidate constituencies, but the so-called bulldozer politics pursued by the Chauhan government threatens to further divide the party and the Socialist Party. be. marginalized group.

“There are concerns among some party leaders about adopting hardline measures, such as in Uttar Pradesh, where the state has a policy of demolishing the homes of people accused of crimes.” About 6.57% of Muslims in the state, 15.62% of Dalits and 21.2% of the population are from tribal communities.There are concerns about the impact of the action (demolition of houses) on these communities.”

Party concerns have been fueled by outreach by groups such as Jai Adivasi Yuba Shakti (JAYS) and Bim Army, Samanya Pitchda Evam Alpusankyak Samajji, and the SC, ST and larger groups. It highlights the differences in the Hindu community.

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