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Bears’ Ihmir Smith-Marsette on illegal block penalty: ‘He flopped’

After a miserable 28 minutes into the game, the Bears finally came back to life on their final drive before halftime. Justin Fields hit a big pass on Darnell Mooney. David Montgomery found the end zone after a few plays. He then went on the field in a two-minute drill as the Vikings missed his goal, and despite being completely dominated on both sides of the ball, the Bears managed to bring back only 11 points at the break. They started the third quarter clearly rejuvenated and scored another touchdown. A big play on defense gave the Bears a previously unthinkable opportunity to dominate in the fourth quarter.

Justin Fields then delivered the biggest play of the game.

On the second and eleventh play near midfield, Fields fell back and started running with what appeared to be an engineered keeper. Outside linebacker Zadarius Smith was the only man Fields needed to beat to the end, and Fields sucked him off. From there, it wasn’t a question of whether Fields would be loose for the big play, but how big the play would be. Fields scored a block from Ymir Smith-Marsett, cut quickly inside, and got safety Camryn Bynum out of his shoe around the Vikings’ 30-yard line. He scored with no one near him. The Bears finally took the lead, 25-21.

However, the celebration was short-lived. A block from Smith-Marsette was deemed illegal by the authorities and the play was canceled.

After the game, Smith-Marsett revealed he had a different take on the play.

“He flopped,” Smith-Marsett told NBC Sports Chicago.

The FOX station agreed with Smith-Marsett at the moment, saying cornerback Cameron Dantzler did well to sell the play and draw the flag. said they need to do a better job of keeping their hands on Dantzler in the moment. rice field. On the next drive the play may not have made a difference as the Vikings scored a touchdown. But it’s possible the touchdown changed the look of the game enough that the Vikings did something else with their subsequent possessions.

Of course, Smith-Marsett had another chance to change the outcome of the game with a reception on the Bears’ final drive. He could have gone out of bounds after his big catch to stop the clock and keep the Bears marching on their potential game tying him on his drive. Instead, he fought for more yards and Dantzler got the best of him again. This time, he ripped the ball out of his hand and fumbled it. All in all, it was the 4th quarter that Smith-Marsett wanted back.

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