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Li Auto Founder’s Question L7 vs Niutron NV Comparison

Niutron is an electric vehicle manufacturer founded by Li Yinan, founder of Chinese electric scooter company Niu Technologies.announced its first model, called Neutron NV, on October 8. Following the announcement, one blogger predicted that the new model’s rival could be Li Auto.recently launched a medium to large 5-seat SUV called the L7. This comparison was then questioned by Li Auto founder Li Xiang.

About his Weibo account, Li Xiang said: Why are you comparing it to the L7? Comparing the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the BMW X5L is unprofessional. The L6 is his five-seater midsize SUV, focused on the sub-300,000 yuan ($42,158) market.

The Niutron brand will be released in December 2021, but Li said he secretly launched plans to build the car in 2018. field. According to entrepreneurs, as long as companies in this field work hard, they can get a certain market share.

The Neutron NV is a medium to large SUV available in three models. The electric version is 278,800 yuan and 318,800 yuan, and the long-range version is 288,800 yuan. According to an official statement, this model he will begin low-volume production in March and start shipping in December.

In terms of intelligent technology, the L7, priced at 339,800 yuan, has a much richer configuration than the Niutron NV, priced at 288,800 yuan. In addition to suspension adjustments, the biggest difference between the two cars is that the L7 is also equipped with his HUD display, passenger entertainment screen, seat massage and electric suction doors.

The Niutron NV is equipped with two versions of the intelligent system, offering standard Advanced Assisted Driving (AAD) out of the box. Starting Q3 2023, all models will be upgradeable to the higher level SuperDrive AAD.

The AAD includes one forward-looking camera, five mmWave radars, Horizon Robotics’ Journey 2 chip, and the Horizon Matrix monocular visual perception scheme. It can also realize 24 functions such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruising control, lane center control, blind spot detection and automatic parking assistance.

SuperDrive AAD is an advanced intelligent driving system. The hardware computing platform was converted to the Journey 5 chip, resulting in 256TOPS, a 64x improvement over Journey 2. The sensors have also been increased to 12 in his UHD cameras, enabling autopilot navigation on highways and city roads, as well as fully automated parking. more scenarios.

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The extended range version of the Neutron NV features a 1.5T 4-cylinder 5-in-1 efficient range extender with a total range of 1,257 km (CLTC). His CLTC mileage for the electric version is 560 km, while 0-100 km/h acceleration for the entire series reaches 5.9 seconds.

Niutron’s battery comes from SVOLT. Earlier, SVOLT Chairman and CEO Yang Hongxin revealed that the company’s short blade batteries are used in his JiDU, XPeng and other brands.Great Wall Motors, Neutron, Spotlight Automotive.

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