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Grand County sees Grand Theft Auto and drug possession felony arrests

Deputies for the Grand County Sheriff’s Office arrested Thomas Hill, 29, of the Kremling on Sept. 12 for a Class 5 felony in Second Degree Grand Theft Auto.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hill’s employer drove him to work on the morning of September 12. While Hill was digging a trench, his employer reportedly saw him leaving a pile of garbage next to the trench and told Hill to throw it out. Hill began throwing garbage into the trenches, causing an altercation between the two.

According to the affidavit, the employer told Hill to leave, and Hill walked over to his employer’s truck. According to the affidavit, his employer told him not to get in the truck, but Hill drove off at high speed.

Hill’s non-felony indictment stemmed from his driver’s license being restricted due to a previous DUI conviction, and when an attorney asked him about a rifle magazine that his employer had lost from his car, he was found on U.S. highways. He admitted to throwing it out a window on Route 40. He is scheduled to appear in court in mid-October.

Summoned on suspicion of illegal possession

On September 12, the Grand County Sheriff’s Deputy issued a subpoena to Amanda Parent, 27, of Granby, on charges of class 4 felony for illegal possession of a controlled substance. Her parents have set a court date for early November.

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