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George ‘Chip’ Wychem Jr. Reflects on Sale of Wychem Auto Family

George E. “Chip” Wychem Jr.

Based in Perry Township, the Waikem Auto Family has been acquired by Diehl Automotive of Butler, Pennsylvania. The second and third generations of the Wykem family are, from left, Chris, Adrian, Doug, Chip, David, George and Craig Wykem.

A good friend asked me what it was like to see my last name on the back of so many cars in Stark County.

it was cool. But starting next year, fewer and fewer cars will see the Wychem name. In time it will disappear. It’s a bittersweet time for our family and it might be helpful to let other family businesses know how we got to this point.

When I was 19, my father called me into his cramped office and asked me one question.

I told him I want to sell cars like his.

George "chips" Wychem Jr.

He turned to the man behind the desk and said, “Well, Terry, here’s your answer.” I knew that My future was cast in a Ford Blue.

Only 13% of all family businesses are handed down to three generations. Fewer than 3% of her reach number four. Now I know why. Financial reasons are rarely the reason successful family businesses are sold. But it’s very rare that the next generation shares the same passion.

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