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Auto Repair Shop Expands at Wintersville Location | News, Sports, Jobs

Warren Scott A GROWING BUSINESS — Wintersville officials welcomed Randy and Sherri Eddy and their staff with a tape-cutting ceremony at the second Roadside Hobby location to the village. Eddys recruited her manager, Jessica Sipes, to the office of the business, her mechanics, CJ Ralston and Jonathan Blackburn, and many supporters to watch.

WINTERSVILLE — An auto repair shop owner in Richmond realized he was running out of space to service his many customers. As such, Roadside Hobby has expanded to include his 519 Canton Road location.

Mayor Mike Petrella and other village officials recently welcomed Randy and Sherry Eddy and their new location with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Randy said he opened his Richmond store, also on State Route 43, five years ago, but he’s been repairing vehicles for at least 30 years.

A graduate of Brook High School in 1983, he was in Russ Palmer’s auto repair class.

Sherry, who graduated from Wintersville High School in 1988, said she met her family when they suggested they send their car in for repair.

A native of Wintersville, she worked at her local Smith Oil Station for many years, and he was a maintenance supervisor for various companies when they decided to open a garage in Richmond.

Sherry admitted that she was reluctant to endorse the idea and considered the endeavor an expensive sideline for Randy.

She explained that the name of the business came from the idea that it was just Randy’s hobby, the Roadside Sam CB handle used by his late father Sam Williams.

“Five years later, we have two locations and I am even more grateful.” Sherry said.

Randy said the Richmond location will focus on body repairs, while the Wintersville garage will offer a variety of mechanical repairs.

“We do everything except rebuild the transmission” He said.

With the price of new and used cars rising, many people are working hard to keep their current cars in good condition, Randy said, even refurbishing older ones. I’m here.

Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, and we recommend calling (740) 317-5766 to make an appointment if you would like to use Roadside Hobby’s services.

Assisting Eddys at the new location are office manager Jessica Sipes, secretary Lisa Morrow, and mechanics CJ Ralston and Jonathan Blackburn.

Many village officials and other supporters joined Eddie’s and his staff for the ribbon cutting.

Eddys thanked the many local officials and residents who supported the new location.

sherry said, “Wintersville has been great. They’ve been so welcoming and we’re happy to be here and serve our community.”

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