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Warrior Revisits Draymond Green’s Duality

To Melissa Rollin
FOX Sports NBA Writer

Draymond Green has hit another inflection point in his career.

A trash talk unfolded between Green and teammate Jordan Poole during the Golden State Warriors’ practice Wednesday. After a push from the pool, Green pummeled his fourth-year guard, turning a routine scene into one that could destroy a team, even one that had just walked away from the NBA Championship. .

The reason behind the altercation is still unknown. Both Green and Poole are eligible for contract extensions, but Warriors general manager Bob Myers and superstar Stephen Curry said Thursday that’s not why things have exploded so much. .

“I don’t think this has anything to do with who gets paid and who doesn’t,” Myers said.

The truth behind what exactly happened won’t be revealed until Green opens up on his podcast or Poole is interviewed.

But this much is certain. The Warriors now have to pick up a piece — a position they previously held with Green. After all, playing green means playing with fire.

Since being selected 35th overall in the 2012 Draft, he has often been the heart of the team, leading them to four titles. He is their defensive mastermind, ingenious passer, fiercest rebounder and source of energy. The Warriors are at their best when the intensity of the 4th All-Star is dialed up. He is their igniter in corporeal form.

“We can’t win without him,” Myers said.

But there is another side to that coin.

Green’s emotional outburst is over the top. He hit LeBron in the groin of his James in Game 4 of his 2016 Finals, leading to a crucial Game 5 suspension, the league for technical fouls. he loses control.

Even within his own team, he’s known not only for crossing the line, but for getting it dirty with his shoes, blurring the line between being a competitor and being responsible.

In 2016, a heated exchange between Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr almost turned into a blow. And during his 2018-19 season, Green infamously told Kevin Durant to leave the Warriors during an in-game altercation.

This kind of blasting usually ends either in catharsis or in deep scars.

Result of green and car swap? they got closer. But the same cannot be said for Green and Durant. Tensions continued between the two stars throughout the season, with Durant eventually heading to Brooklyn that summer.

It is too early to say what will happen to Wednesday’s incident.

According to the GM, Green apologized in front of the team, the coaching staff and Myers and tried to set things straight. are not expected to miss the game.)

As for pool, Myers said he was “fine” and attended Thursday’s practice.

However, the emotional damage from this type of event often takes longer to heal than the physical damage. The Warriors have to find a way forward.

Luckily for the team, we have Curry who knows a lot about damage control. “Are you ready to lead?” Myers joked when she arrived at the Chase Center on Thursday.

Curry replied, “You guys have to pay me a little more.”

The exchange was lighthearted, but arguably, Curry is getting a $215 million contract extension for far more than his smooth shooting.

When Green and Durant clashed a few years ago, Curry went to Green’s house for a candid talk. Exclusive interview from last season, Green told FOX Sports that he deeply appreciates both Curry’s concern and integrity. )

Following Wednesday’s event, Curry said he would handle things the same way Green did this time around.

“Be honest with him,” Curry said. “He respects my opinion. He respects my feelings and we had such conversations. So be honest with him about your disappointment with the situation itself.”

None of the people who spoke Thursday — Curry, Myers, Kerr — made excuses for Green. It is clear that they found his actions unjustifiable.

In fact, both Kerr and Curry have steadfastly denied reports that there was tension between Green and Poole as Poole changed attitudes due to an impending contract extension.

“Nothing is far from the truth,” Carr said.

Curry added: [Wednesday]Please clarify that. “

As for Green, he must figure out a way out of this hole.

He clearly went too far and put the team in an uncomfortable position before the season even started. He threw a wrench into the well-oiled machinery of championship operations.

“I don’t think he likes being in a place like this,” Myers said. “He’s in it. He’ll find a way to win back the respect of his teammates and Jordan.”

Maybe this will blow up. It could all be one big forgivable mistake, the pressure cooker just produced too much steam.

Or it could be a boiling cauldron of unresolved bitterness with lingering effects, similar to what we saw with Green and Durant in 2019.

only time will tell.

Green’s passion is definitely what makes him one of the best.

Occasionally, however, he also tripwires himself, causing everything around him to explode.

Now, it’s up to Green to pick up the pieces again.

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Melissa Rohlin is an NBA writer for FOX Sports. She has previously covered the league for Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, Bay Area News Group and San Antonio Express-News. Follow her on her Twitter @.melissa rollin.

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