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The end of the era of downtown business

At Paterson Jewelers, many special memories are created not only by customers buying gifts to commemorate special occasions, but also by the family who owned and operated the business in downtown Kosciuszko for 72 years.

Those memories will last forever, just like the fine jewelry it offers.

“Our story has been successful only because of our loyal customers and dedicated employees,” said Paula Patterson, whose late husband’s parents started the business in 1950.

Patterson Jewelers, one of Kosciusko’s oldest businesses, is set to close by the end of the year.

“Thank you for trusting us over the years,” Patterson said. hand.

After its near closure, the jewelry store will leave behind a legacy of extraordinary design. Patterson hopes it will be treasured in the family for generations.

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Jimmy Patterson’s father, Jack Patterson, was from Arkansas. He came to Kosciuszko to run the Strand Theater. He also managed theaters in Durant and Lexington. Jack hired his future wife, Mary Catherine, to sell tickets at the Kosciuszko Theater. The two fell in love and got married.

Jack and Mary Catherine Patterson
Jack and Mary Catherine Patterson

Shortly thereafter, Jack began serving in World War II. After being released from official duties in 1945, Jack decided to change jobs and enter the jewelry industry at the suggestion of his relatives.

Jack attended watch and jewelry repair school in Ellisville, established for veterans. He completed the course and in 1947 opened a repair shop in what was then Smith his jewelry.

A few years later, the Pattersons decided they wanted to start their own business, and Francis Neil allowed Patterson Jewelers to rent a small corner within Neil Furniture, where they now offer Merle Norman products.

Jack and Mary Katherine officially began operations on September 8, 1950.

In 1955, Patterson Jewelers moved to its current location at 122 N. Jackson St. on the east side of the square in downtown Kosciuszko.

Their desire was to bring quality jewelry, gifts and services to the region.

That tradition continued in the second generation, when the Pattersons’ son, Jimmy, began his training at the age of 14 when he took a course in basic jewelry repair. Jimmy also studied jewelry making and diamond setting at a junior college in Paris, Texas.

In 1976, the family suffered a great loss after Jack’s death.

His wife continued the business, and she and Jimmy opened a second store in Forrest in 1988. Jimmy and Paula lived in Forrest for her ten years. They then returned to Kosciuszko to help run Mary Catherine’s business until 2005, when Forrest’s store closed. At the store in downtown Kosciuszko, Jimmy opened a workshop in the back of the store where he created award-winning custom products. design.

“I’m proud of all the designs,” Jimmy, who died in June, told The Star Herald in 2018. “I don’t copy designs. I make interpretations of designs.”

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The store has undergone several renovations over the years. In 1962 the building was extensively renovated.



The next major renovation took place in 1980. Then, in 1998, the Old Dress for Less building next to Paterson Jewelers was purchased, joining the two buildings. A bridal department and gift shop are new additions from the back of the store. Grand opening in November 1998.

After Mary Katherine’s death in 2010, the store thrived as Jimmy continued to offer custom designs and repairs, as well as an extensive line of jewelry and gifts. In 2012, Merle Norman products were added to the gift shop.

The Paterson family was passionate about the jewelry business and took pride in their work.

Catherine Patterson, Jack and Mary, and Patterson, Jimmy and Paula, are past presidents of the Gemological Institute of Mississippi and winners of the Jeweler of the Year Award. They are the only family in the state to achieve all of these honors.

The closure of Patterson Jewelers marks the end of an era for the Kosciusko business community.

“We are grateful to our customers for allowing us to be here for 72 years,” said Paula. I have been blessed and grateful to have been a part of.”

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