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right to life march, voter deadline, parental leave

Thousands attended Wednesday's first annual Ohio March for Life at the Ohio State Capitol in Columbus.Barbara Perenick/Columbus Dispatch

Anti-abortion protesters marched in Columbus this week, and Ohio’s Republican governor put forward a slew of ideas to make the state a better place to have babies.

We break down what that means in this week’s episode of Ohio Politics Explained. USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau’s podcast for state political news in under 15 minutes. This week, host Anna Staber is joined by reporter Haley Beamer.

1) oh baby

Gov. Mike DeWine has said he wants Ohio to be “the best place in the nation to have a baby and raise a family.”

It also calls on state legislators to eliminate the diaper sales tax, raise income limits for pregnant women on Medicaid, and extend paid maternity leave for state employees from six to 12 weeks.

A spokesperson for the governor said DeWine would pitch these ideas even if Ohio Republicans weren’t planning to ban abortion outright, but Democrats didn’t take it. .

House Minority Leader Allison Russo, D-Upper Arlington, said Democrats have been failing to introduce legislation for years to accomplish most of what the governor has just proposed.

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