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NFL Week 5: Broncos lead Colts on Thursday Night Football

The Indianapolis Colts kick off Week 5 against the Denver Broncos in Thursday Night’s AFC Battle of Football. NFL Season.

The Colts (1-2-1) are looking to turn their season around with a road win, while the Broncos (2-2) hope to top .500 with a home win. Both teams will be third on Thursday’s Tilt in their respective divisions.

Indy is unable to start running back Jonathan Taylor, who is out with an ankle injury, and Denver is without Starbucks Javonte Williams.

Here are the top plays from Thursday’s matchup:

Indianapolis Colts of the Denver Broncos

rough start

The Colts suffered early misfortune when Nyheim Hines, who was expected to be heavily involved in Thursday’s action that forced Taylor out, was injured on the first drive of the game.

He went straight to the locker room to be evaluated for head injuries. He was then ruled out for the rest of the game due to the NFL’s concussion protocol.


Denver moved the chain on the first drive. This included his impressive 18-yard pickup from Russell Wilson. However, the Broncos stalled the Reds in his zone and scored a field goal to put him ahead 3–0.

gain momentum

Colts running back Deon Jackson was able to give Indy a small spark as the first quarter progressed.

Broncos take it back

It was even more of an issue for the Colts as Matt Ryan threw a pick into the red zone midway through the second quarter. The Denver safety man came up with an interception by Caden Sterns, returned it 23 yards, and gave it back to the Broncos just after his goal on his second field of the game saw him take a 6–0 lead. rice field.

he goes

The Broncos defense sacked Ryan four times in the first half, two of which were sacks on the Colts’ final drive of the second quarter.

Indianapolis managed to avoid a shutout with a field goal on the board before halftime, but managed to keep things closer.


Denver finally came up with a monster play in the third quarter. That’s when Wilson found Cortland his Sutton down the middle on his 51-yard strike.


The big gain helped move the Broncos downfield, but things remained tied after the Colts blocked Denver’s ensuing field goal attempt.

double trouble

The Broncos made up for the lost opportunity when Stearns came up with his second interception of the night, picking Ryan just outside Denver’s red zone.

The turnover gave the Broncos great field position and the ensuing drive made them three points. A 9-6 3-pointer he was in the game and advanced to the 4th quarter.

giving back

There was another turnover at the top of the 4th quarter, this time the Colts defense attacking Wilson.

Wilson briefly visited the medical tent for a possible head injury before rejoining the game on the Broncos’ next drive.

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