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Macon-Bibb Welcomes Newest Student Leadership Cohort

At the orientation event on Thursday, October 6, a group of high school students came to City Hall for the Georgia Citizenship Program for Students (GCAPS) Orientation.Dr. Henry Ficklin, We spoke to student leaders about what their year would be like learning about our local government.

Throughout the year, students visit Macon Bibb’s faculties for hands-on learning experiences. Leaders from various county departments spoke about the role of their respective offices and how students benefit from local government services. Students then introduced themselves to their new classmates and county leaders.

Dr. Henry Ficklin said: “We stand ready to give these students a thorough and fun education on how their city operates. That’s important because it helps keep them informed and engaged as they transition out of school and into their career paths.”

Students come from most public, private, charter high schools, and homeschool programs. To learn more about the program or follow their adventures, visit her GCAPS Facebook page here.

About GCAP

The Georgia Citizens Enlightenment Program (GCAPS) for Students is administered by the Maconbibb County Government under the auspices of the Georgia County Commission (ACCG). ACCG is a non-profit agency of county governments in Georgia. Founded in 1914 with 19 charter county members, the ACCG today serves as the consensus-building, training, and legislative body for all 159 county governments in the state.

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