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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At a team conference for Las Vegas Premier Marketing (LVPM) and its sister companies, LVPM CEO Joey Ortiz said business success is largely due to corporate collective teamwork. made it clear that Leadership skills and their ability to drive a winning culture.

Ortiz says it is essential for team leaders to understand the concepts of team management and team identity for the company’s success. With gratitude, Oritsu congratulates her LVPM and its sister company on his wonderful year. He also stressed that this was largely due to the fact that his company’s leaders were able to coordinate the team well, but also that they instilled a winning identity in the team. Equally important to the outcome is overall happiness and confidence in LVPM. The company strives to build a team identity by participating in team-bonding activities and motivating them with rewards such as team trips. Ortiz says that hiring responsible and ambitious people who can work together is what sets the company on the path to success, but also keeps responsible and ambitious employees happy and motivated. is equally important, he said. After explaining the importance of team leadership and identity, he proceeded to explain the importance of promoting a winning culture.

A winning culture is one with high energy, motivation and open communication. He says driving a winning culture is how LVPM and its sister company teams continue to thrive. Engagement is key to driving a winning culture. The leader needs to engage the team with consistent communication that can be achieved with check-ins and group chats. Maintaining open communication is essential in order to keep her members motivated and to be responsive and responsive to everyone’s concerns and needs. Motivation is also an important aspect that drives a winning culture. Ortiz encourages leaders to keep their teams motivated by holding internal competitions and booking high rollers for motivational speeches. By the end of the meeting, Ortiz had provided the team with the knowledge to keep the business running successfully.

“As the company leader, it is our responsibility to check and motivate the entire team and promote a winning culture. […] That’s how you get results and a dedicated team,” says Joey Oritz.

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