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City gets involved after students watch sex club event on Texas golf course

The City of Austin is currently investigating an incident in which a local high school golf team saw “obscene behavior and poorly dressed people” at the Avery Ranch golf course.

Austin City Councilman Mackenzie Kelly is taking action, claiming there was a rule violation, but said the club that hosted the tournament should have been an annual, closed-door event.

“I was shocked and a little disgusted,” Kelly said of her reaction to hearing what happened in her district on Monday. And based on the evidence, we don’t want our children to be exposed.”

Players from the Vista Ridge High School golf team showed up at the Avery Ranch Golf Course for practice that afternoon. At the same time, the adult entertainment club Yellow Rose was hosting an annual golf tournament. Yellow Rose rented out the course, but the players were using the practice field.

A photo shared with FOX 7 Austin shows a scantily-clad woman, and one parent told FOX 7 that her child saw a topless woman driving a golf cart.

Photo of people attending an Adult Entertainment Club event at the Avery Ranch Golf Course, held just as the Vista Ridge High School golf team arrived for practice.

In a letter to parents Tuesday, the golf coach said:

They also spoke with golf course managers who said they were unaware that inappropriate behavior would occur, and said they did not condone them.

However, Yellow Rose said in a Facebook post that it had not received any reports of “lewd behavior” and that the woman was wearing bikini bottoms “not unlike those seen at Lake Travis on summer weekends.”

The club has also hosted an annual charity golf tournament at Avery Ranch for the past four years, saying the golf course is “trying to pretend to be a surprise”. [as] Dishonest for the adult nature of the tournament. ”

“Yellow Rose sincerely apologizes if anyone sees anything they find offensive,” the club said in a statement. “This was supposed to be a private event.”

So was this simply a bad schedule, or was it actually against city ordinances? Council member Kelly says the course broke the rules.

“This would fall under the general permitted use of adult entertainment in the City of Austin through CS1 zoning,” said Kelly. “However, Avery Ranch is located in a public utility district, so no adult entertainment is allowed.”

Kelly said someone in the code department has been talking to course managers.

FOX 7 Austin has reached out to course management but has not heard back.

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