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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailers Showcase Autobattle Let’s Go Feature

The Pokémon Company has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, including 14 minutes of footage.

The trailer follows four different Trainers as they explore the Pardean region, showing the different adventure possibilities.

Most importantly, the game’s Let’s Go feature, which lets you send out partner Pokémon to fight other people and collect items alone in the world. This makes grinding much smoother.

Dive into Paldia’s Journey | Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

This was also used when one Trainer infiltrated Teamster’s squad base, dispatching three Pokémon to defeat the enemy without turn-based combat.

Also revealed is a new evolution of the giraffarig called the farigirhu. Did the tail become the head, or did the head have the tail? Either way, you can consider it in more detail with the Pokédex. The Pokédex shows a picture of each Pokémon you’ve caught.

Fari Giraffe, a new evolution of Giraffa Rig

Evolution of a new giraffe rig.

Picnic is a new feature that replaces Curry-making Camp in Sword and Shield. Here Trainers can wash their Pokémon after a hard day of fighting to increase their HP and Bond levels, or eat a homemade sandwich. , a slice of luchonku? I’m trying. Players can also participate in communal picnics online.

The final new feature is the TM machines that are installed at every Pokémon Center. TMs can be crafted using materials obtained from League Points and battles with wild Pokémon. A machine can only be used by him once, but with enough resources he can create multiple machines.

Elsewhere, the trainer being followed in the trailer mostly shows off new features for Scarlett and Violet, as well as its Path of Legends and Victory Road questlines.

One uses the game’s fancy Terastallize ability to improve Quaxly’s stats. The trailer confirms once again that all Pokemon in the world can be Terrastalyzed, and adds Terratypes, which are any of the 18 existing types.

Terrasturized Quaxley

The terracing looks nice.

Terra Pokémon also appear in Terra Raid Battles, where four Trainers form an online team to defeat strong, rare Terra-type Pokémon.

There also seem to be plenty of customization options available to style your trainer (gender doesn’t seem to be locked).

Pokemon Scarlet Violet will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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