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Lincoln Tech Celebrates 20th Alumni

Parsippany, NJ, October 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lincoln Educational Services Corporation (NASDAQ: LINC)has been a national leader in professional training for over 75 years and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.th He is a graduate of the Hussmann TechX Center on the campus of Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie, Texas. Lincoln enters its fourth year of partnership with Hussmann, the world’s leading provider of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, at a time when the entire HVAC industry forecasts 385,000 job openings nationwide by 2030. Helping the company build its workforce of field technicians*. Since opening the Hussmann TechX training facility in 2018, Lincoln Tech has helped Hussmann hire more than 200 of his new technicians nationwide.

“My career at Hussmann changed my life,” says Matt Dube, a 2019 TechX graduate. Dube started his training at Lincoln Tech’s campus in Windsor, East Connecticut, where he now works as a Biolife Lead Technician at Hussmann. “I can’t thank Lincoln Tech and TechX enough. I’ve put a lot of time into improving myself professionally and their support has really paid off.”

Scott Shaw, President and CEO of Lincoln Tech, said: “In 2018 he was honored by Hussmann to select him as host for the TechX facility. All parties have enjoyed the fruits of this partnership from day one.”

The latest graduating class from the TechX facility was 20.th A cohort to complete their training and advance into a Hussmann career. Supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and other establishments all rely on Hussmann equipment to safely cool produce, pharmaceuticals and other perishable foods. As Dube discovered early in his new career, so do plasma centers.

“The FDA stipulates that plasma must be kept below minus 38 degrees Celsius at all times, otherwise it cannot be used,” he says. “So I spend a good portion of my workday in a minus 40 degree freezer. Hmm. The variety of works keeps it interesting.”

Dube recently worked in the field for three years, spending the last nine months as a Biolife Chief Technician based in Hussmann’s North Texas office. Biolife Plasma Services operates his eight plasma centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Dube is consulted on 98% of his calls to the service. “I’m very proud of it,” he says. “In addition to technical skills, effective communication skills are a must. Biolife technicians all communicate through me – there can be $2 million worth of plasma on site and team members No information should be lost or overlooked between

When Lincoln partnered with Hussmann in 2018, a central element was the construction of a TechX training facility on Grande Prairie. At the time, Hussmann’s engineering development lead, Fred Gentry, described the partnership’s potential as “endless.”

“We are also looking forward to educating our existing technicians and providing them with more advanced training as we are beginning to meet the greatest need of bringing young technicians into the field,” said Gentry. “The possibilities here are literally endless.”

Graduates of Lincoln Tech’s HVAC program can apply to be accepted into the TechX training program at any of our campuses nationwide. Trainees accepted into the program bear little additional cost for additional training. Hussmann pays tuition and fees, relocation costs, and provides a path to employment after graduation. Dube says that when he learned about Hussmann’s opportunity, he jumped at the advanced training opportunity.

“It was too good to miss,” he says. “Hussmann gives you a guaranteed job up to five years sooner than you would without TechX. It meant a chance to make more money quickly. If you have a challenging career, you can achieve great success.”

Transplanted to Connecticut, he says his training at Lincoln Tech and his career at Hussmann helped him buy a home on a Texas lake. His career began at an age when many of his four-year college graduates are still juggling debt and a difficult job search.

“TechX is a great opportunity,” he says. “I love this deal and have been taking the new TechX class on tour of the supermarkets we serve, including Costco, Krogers, Walmart and Sam’s Club. We want you to be excited and motivated by the opportunity.”

For Dube and more than 200 alumni like him, the partnership between Lincoln Tech and Hussmann has yielded life-changing dividends.

*National figures above are based on projected annual job openings, which refer to average annual job openings due to growth and net substitution. This data was compiled from 2020-2030 US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, onetonline.org, onetonline.org, captured on September 26, 2022.


About Lincoln Educational Services Corporation

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation is a leading provider of diversified, career-oriented post-secondary education. Lincoln offers career-oriented programs for recent high school graduates and working adults in his five major areas of study: automotive technology, health sciences, craftsmanship, information technology, and hospitality services. Since its founding in 1946, Lincoln has provided its employees with skilled technicians.

Lincoln currently operates 22 campuses in 14 states under four brands: the Lincoln Institute of Technology, the Lincoln Institute of Technology, and the Euphoria Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences. Lincoln also operates the Lincoln Culinary Institute in Connecticut and Maryland.

For more information, visit lincolntech.edu.


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