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Cummins Demonstrates Climate Leadership at Major Transportation Show

Cummins demonstrates climate leadership at major transportation shows.

Cummins Inc. showcased both its zero-emission technology and its new fuel-agnostic X-Series internal combustion engine, which can be optimized on carbon-free and low-carbon fuels, at the world’s largest mobility show in Hannover last week. exhibited. ,Germany.

An exhibit at the IAA Transportation show demonstrated the company’s commitment to leading the world’s climate agenda.

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Amy DavisCummins vice president and president of New Power said:

Achieving a net-zero future requires a variety of technologies.

“Our extensive zero-emissions portfolio is the way to meet a variety of customer demands across the most challenging industries and enable the energy transition.”

Alison TruebloodCummins Executive Director, On-Highway Business Europe said:

With Cummins’ all-new X-Series platform, we’re taking internal combustion engines to the next level, meeting future ultra-low emissions standards, and enabling low-to-zero carbon fuel capabilities to help lower fleet costs. increase. Road to decarbonization.

One of the major zero-emission products Cummins unveiled at the IAA was the company’s fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell platform. Designed for medium and heavy duty trucks and buses, this fuel cell technology is available in 135 kW single module and 270 kW dual module.

Europe’s Scania and Daimler Trucks North America have each announced collaborations with Cummins to develop and integrate these next-generation fuel cell platforms into demonstration vehicles.

The system uses 4th generation variable pressure to facilitate system integration into the vehicle. The system also features excellent operating cycle efficiency and durability to reduce total cost of ownership.

Amy AdamsCummins Vice President of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology said:

We understand that our customers have complex business cycles that require diverse needs and support. That’s why we focus on continuous innovation and improvement.

“We are developing hydrogen fuel cell technology that will demonstrate the capacity and flexibility needed to meet or exceed the power demands of commercial vehicles on highways, and that hydrogen will decarbonize the economy. It has proven to be a viable solution for

Meanwhile, the fuel-agnostic architecture of the 15-liter X-Series uses a common base engine with cylinder head and fuel system, using carbon-free hydrogen in the X15H and up to 90% less carbon in the X15N. It is specially adapted to use fresh biogas. .

X15H rated up to 530 hp (395 kW) and X15N rated up to 510 hp (380 kW), ideal for trucks up to 44 tons gross vehicle weight (GVW).

With a maximum output of 450 hp (335 kW), the next-generation X10 diesel engine extends rugged robustness to 10 liters of displacement, offering a lightweight and compact installation for vehicles in the 26-44 tonne GVW range. A low cab truck for urban operations as well as maximizing payload.

The X10 design incorporates similar fuel-independent features as the X15 and may offer hydrogen and biogas versions.

“The environmental certifications of the X-Series are equally impressive due to the significant increase in power density and a more compact installation envelope that offers truck manufacturers the opportunity to harden their vehicles,” said Trueblood.

“A further advantage of the X15 and X10 engines is their modular architecture for global applications in terms of adapting to vehicle configurations, different emission regulations and customer preferences.”

The IAA takes place every other year and showcases the latest in transportation. It ended on September 25th.

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Cummins Demonstrates Climate Leadership at Major Transportation Show in Northampton, MA on October 4, 2022

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