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Val Demings Calls on Legislators to Avoid Insurance Catastrophe Following Hurricane Ian

3rd Term Democrat Val Demings is running for U.S. Senate, but she’s calling for a special session in the state legislature to forestall a property insurance collapse. Hurricane Ian destruction.

Her office issued a news release calling on governors and legislative leaders to unite in the face of devastating destruction. And Demings hopes to do that before the financial protection for property owners disappears entirely.

“Families in Florida are bruised, property insurance systems are collapsing, and homeowners are literally paying the price,” her statement read, citing her working-class integrity as the daughter of a maid and janitor. I’m here.

“As Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on Florida communities, leaders across the state must come together without delay to take concerted action to strengthen citizen insurance and ensure our insurance systems can withstand this storm. that is important.”

Demings said she did what she could at the federal level. But this is really a state-level issue, she argued in her Monday release.

Property insurance was the subject of a special session held in May. But according to Demings’ statement, it didn’t work. Hurricane He said his FedNat, another insurer, went bankrupt days before Ian hit, making him the sixth company to pull out of the Florida market this year.

Senate Democratic leader Lauren Book released a statement saying she was all in favor of returning to Tallahassee before the next official session.

“Ian’s awakening makes it clear that for years those in power have turned a blind eye to the homeowners insurance crisis,” she said in a statement, adding that the Republican Party is in the “culture wars.” Accused of being focused. Discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation. “For too long, Band-Aids have been used instead of providing a real solution to ensuring premium payer accountability and a more stable insurance market in the state.”

Between special session About casualty insurance, legislators approved A $2 billion fund for insurers to purchase insurance to protect themselves against risk and bankruptcy, and another measure to increase the flexibility of insurers’ roof cover.

“Short-term patches and band-aids during the election period will not be enough to protect Florida homeowners,” Demings’ statement read.

The senior senator from Florida, a Republican rival she’s trying to get out of. Marco Rubio, also had property insurance on his mind on Monday. The lawsuits, he argues, are the cause of the problems facing Florida’s insurance market, and he accounts for 80% of the insurance lawsuits, even though Florida makes up less than 10% of the insurance market. pointed out that it occupies

Rubio served as Speaker of the House in 2007, when another property insurance bill was signed, expanding the coverage and lowering fees for civil property insurance, the state’s insurer of last resort.

The governor’s office did not immediately return an inquiry Monday afternoon about whether Hurricane Ian was the cause of a special session addressing property insurance.Republican leaders in both houses of Congress did not respond to requests from Congress for comment on the special session florida politics Monday.

But Demings seems to think this devastating event will require a massive effort.

“Our response to this storm must go beyond sandbags and plywood. We owe it to families in Florida to build an accessible and affordable insurance system.” she said in a statement.

The release also noted that Demings voted for ongoing resolutions to keep the government open. Includes $21 billion for disaster recovery: $18.8 billion for disaster recovery disaster relief fundand $2 billion Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR).

Rubio did not attend that vote because of the hurricane.

His office is also owned by Rubio and the US Senator. Rick Scott I sent a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday saying, “To develop A disaster supplement that provides the assistance Florida needs to recover from this devastating hurricane.

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