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Pete Davidson Appears in Taco Bell Breakfast ‘Apology Video’ | Entertainment

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“Sometimes we go too far. I do.” Pete Davidson I admit it in a brand new commercial that starts with him dozing off and taking a walk to Taco Bell.

“That’s why Taco Bell hired me to make an apology video.”

Then point the camera at the cashier. “Tell me I’m sorry,” he said to her, clearly confused.

In the new location, the previous SNL The cast member took guilt on behalf of the fast food chain, admitting that “Taco Bell got a little obsessed with breakfast.” Previous morning menus included “tacos” with eggs in the shell and waffles.

“I went too far,” says Pete. “…all I need in the morning are fluffy eggs, melted cheese, sausage and hash browns, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla.”

The cashier protests, “It’s a crunch wrap for breakfast.”

“Well, they should open a restaurant where all they sell is those breakfast crunch stuff,” Pete says after parking his butt on the counter.

“Is it a riff or is it part of a commercial?” the employee asks.

“I don’t know, I didn’t read the script,” Davidson admits.

The spot is the newest place in comics, meet cute Starr traded his reputation for being “too much” to appear in ads for the likes of Smartwater and men’s grooming tool company Manscaped.

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