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LS3P Announces Board Changes

Architecture, interiors and planning firm LS3P recently announced significant leadership changes to its board of directors.

Catherine Peale, FAIA Chief Practice Officer, has been appointed chairman of the FAIA to succeed Thompson E. Penney, according to a news release.Senior Vice President Paul Bonney, FAIA will continue to serve as Vice-Chair.

Peele joined LS3P (then Boney Architects) in 1988 and earned a degree in architecture as a valedictorian from North Carolina State University. In her 34 years with the company, she has managed over $1 billion worth of construction, from education to workplaces to civic affairs. She became her leader in Raleigh’s office in 2005, joined the board of directors in 2010, and was appointed vice president of operations in 2013. She brings hands-on expertise and innovation,” the release said.

Peele served as president of the North Carolina AIA in 2000 and was promoted to an AIA Fellowship in 2003 in recognition of her extensive expertise and commitment to educational facility design. In 2019 she was awarded her AIA North Carolina Gold Medal. In 2009, she was awarded the William H. Dietrich Her Service Medal by her AIA North Carolina chapter for her contributions to her profession. In 2017, she was appointed governor to serve her five-year term on the North Carolina Building Commission, where she most recently served as president.

CEO Marc Marchant said Peele’s unparalleled experience combined with her commitment to architecture that serves the community made her confident she was the right fit for the role. “Katherine embodies her LS3P values, mission and vision and has long been a driving force behind the company’s success,” he says. “Her reputation as a great designer, leader and advocate in the industry stems from her decades of service to the company and profession, and I am pleased to announce that she will serve as Chairman of LS3P’s new Board of Directors. I am honored to be able to work with you.”

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