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What Drivers Said at Talladega

Chase Eliott – No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet – WINNER:

After the rough race at Texas, you guys kind of needed something like this. Walk me through those final two laps, the push from Erik Jones.

“Yeah, first, how about these fans, man? That’s unreal. Moments like that, you have to really cherish. You guys are what makes this special to me. So thank you sincerely. I really appreciate it. Yeah, it was a wild last couple laps. I wasn’t super crazy about being on the bottom. Fortunately I got just clear enough off of two to slide up in front of Erik. He gave me some great shoves. Obviously a Team Chevy partner there. Yeah, just had a good enough run to get out front, then I was able to stay far enough in front of Ryan here at the line to get it done.

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