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Kathy Leonard: Governor Mills demonstrated ‘cool and strong’ leadership

I strongly support Janet Mills’ re-election as Governor. Because of her calm and strong leadership, my company Auburn Her Manufacturing was able to employ 50 people during COVID.

When COVID hit, she considered manufacturers “essential” and ensured they could keep operations running. He then qualified for a federal loan to help him through the toughest months.

Governor Mills has been practical in promoting vaccination of the people of Maine. She dispatched the National Guard to her Auburn mall so that her Auburn manufacturing employees could get her 100% vaccine quickly and conveniently.

Recently, the governor pledged to fund the Maine Community College System for workforce development. This creative approach has already helped companies like ours develop virtual training tools for new hires. Everyone I talk to in other states is envious of Maine’s program.

Janet Mills’ hands-on approach to governance during a pandemic convinces me that she deserves to stay on the job for the next four years post-COVID.

Cathy Leonard, Mechanic Falls

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