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Florida Senate Republicans Debate Tallahassee and League of Women Voters in Full-Page Ad

Corey SimonRepublican candidates for the 3rd Senate will not participate in debates with incumbent Democratic senators. roland owsley It was founded by the Tallahassee Democratic Newspaper and the League of Women Voters.

that is full-page advertisement The Florida Senate Campaign Committee covered the Sunday edition of the Democratic Party.

The ad calls the debate “a liberal farce to fool voters.” Calling the federation a “blatantly partisan” organization, it emphasizes several positions on issues such as gun control, abortion, school choice and immigration, which align with liberals and Democrats generally.

One of those positions is on healthcare, where the ad says, “LWV is on Ausley’s side in supporting the protection of the (Affordable Care Act) and the expansion of Medicaid.” But the Republican Senate pushed for Medicaid expansion in 2015, and when the Republican House of Representatives refused to consent, Congress stalled over the budget.

The League of Women Voters is officially a nonpartisan group, but it supports liberal causes and often sues states over election laws. In one of its most significant cases, in 2015, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Congress had broken Fair District anti-gerrymandering constitutional amendments and installed maps of the state’s Senate and Congress drawn by the League of Women Voters. It was when the judgment was made that

“The fact that a legitimate news outlet would consider partnering with an apparently one-sided organization for the purpose of conducting a ‘fair’ debate is a joke,” the ad said.

He also noted that a Democratic newspaper cited Oasley’s law firm as its legal adviser.

Simon is a former Florida State University football player and former CEO of Volunteer Florida, running his first campaign. Osley served as a member of the House of Representatives from 2000 until he was in 2008, from 2016 until he was elected to the Senate in 2020. Both live in Tallahassee.

Ausley and Simon will debate Monday at an event hosted by the Capitol City Tiger Bay Club.

Senate District 3 It covers Gadsden, Leon, Madison, Jefferson, Suwanee, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie, Hamilton, Wakulla, Franklin, Gulf, and parts of Liberty County.

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