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Rich’s Wash Dat Helps NOLA Shine One Car at a Time – Mid-City Messenger

Grand opening of new flagship store at 2900 Gentilly Blvd., Gentilly.

From humble roots to blossoming success, Rich’s Wash Dat has been serving the New Orleans area for years, providing quality service with top notch staff. All family-owned Rich’s Wash Dat stores welcome people of all ages, colors and beliefs. Provides free washes to police and first responders. Works in an environmentally friendly way. The simple idea of ​​helping families and locals keep their cars clean was all it took to create the brand we know today.

A premier car wash opened in Westwego in 2008, giving the community the opportunity to clean their cars at an affordable price. Westwego’s WashWego was the first of its kind adding technologically advanced methods to ensure high quality in a quick and fun option to the typical car wash. To grow the burgeoning facility, WashWego partnered with his Richardson family to create Rich’s Wash Dat.

Premier Gentilly Location, 2900 Gentilly Blvd.

The first Rich’s Wash Dat opened at 4417 Earhart Blvd. End of 2014. At the time, it was the largest conveyorized high-speed car wash in the New Orleans area. With the aim of serving the metropolitan area, eyes were on Kenner at his 2017 opening offering quality washes at 3519 Williams Blvd. Rich’s Wash Dat set its sights on expanding Algiers by getting more involved in the West Bank. A new location bringing high-paying jobs to underserved areas was built in 2018 at 3600 Gen. de Gaulle Drive.

Earhart Address, 4417 Earhart Blvd

The newest store, located at 2900 Gentilly Blvd. across from Dillard University, opened on May 9th of this year. Rich’s Wash Dat invested his $5.5 million in this location to do the most cutting-edge wash ever. We took an abandoned corner and built every detail from scratch to create Rich’s Wash Dat’s new flagship store.

The Ceramic Guard Club offers unlimited cleaning with ceramic protection.

The Covid-19 pandemic closed stores for a very short time, but the interruption didn’t stop Washdat. After implementing customer-friendly safety measures, each of the three locations is now open again and ready to serve the community. Planning for Gentilly’s latest location, which began around the time the pandemic began, was canceled multiple times over the next two years. Finally, in the spring of 2022, the time has come for the official opening.

Wash Dat brings safety and peace of mind to your neighborhood. We provide high-quality jobs that are considerate of local residents. And invest in the community. These are just a few of the standout new additions to the Wash Dat family.

Kenny, Site Manager, Gentilly Location

Many people may think that washing your car in your driveway is the “greener” option, but it’s really not. The average home car wash dumps up to 200 gallons of water into your driveway.

By comparison, Rich’s Wash Dat water-saving efforts use only about 35 gallons of water per vehicle. Additionally, all cleaning agents used in the wash tunnel are biodegradable and soapy water is captured, filtered and tested to ensure they are safe for the environment. It’s a commitment to the environment that every community can feel!

At Rich’s Wash Dat, people, passion and perfection are the three most valuable things. Wash Dat practices all services with honesty, integrity and accountability. The company’s employees are dedicated and strive for excellence in all that they do. When it comes to our service, quality comes first and we pay attention to detail.

Wash Dat is committed to serving our communities, supporting local organizations, and helping New Orleans shine one car at a time.

Visit for more information on packages, locations and hours of operation. Join Wash Dat Nation!

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