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Educational Organization Re-Emerges in Alabama Politics

The new state fiscal year begins October 1, and the two state budgets are aligned. Both the General Fund and the state’s special education budget will be the largest in Alabama’s history.

The General Fund’s budget is a record-breaking $2.7 billion. Increases income to mental health and prisons. Medicaid continues to be a money-eater. The state employee’s cost of living will be raised by him 4%. It is her third time in recent history that a civil servant has received consecutive raises. In addition, retired government employees are given bonuses. Senator Greg Albritton (R-Escambia) and Rep. Steve Close (R-Ozark) are budget chairmen and deserve credit.

Mac McArthur, executive director of the veteran Alabama Workers Association, praised the 4% increase in salaries for state employees this year and the 2% increase last year. Ole Mac has put together his four raises in five years for his people.

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