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Meta’s most powerful women share their best leadership advice

Marne Levine, Chief Business Officer

Marne Levine is Chief Business Officer at Meta (formerly Facebook), overseeing the company's advertising and business partnerships. Previously, Marne served as Vice President of Global Partnerships, Business and Corporate Development. She is the COO of Instagram. Prior to that, she was Vice President of Global Policy.


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Her Journey: Levine describes his path to becoming Meta’s chief business officer as “non-linear.” Levine, who earned his MBA from Harvard School of Business, served as Chief of Staff to the National Economic Council and as Special Advisor for Economic Policy during the Obama administration.

Meta’s growth potential inspired Levine to make the leap into the private sector, she told Insider in a written statement. At Meta, he served as Vice President of Global Partnerships and Business Development, Vice President of Global Policy, and Chief Operating Officer of Instagram, before becoming the company’s first Chief Operating Officer last year.

Her advice to female leaders: Levine’s proposal is simple. “It sets the tone, builds community, lifts others up, and creates the conditions for change,” she said.

However, she added that kindness goes hand in hand with ambition and competitiveness, not softness.

“Kindness is bold and ambitious,” Levine said.

Furthermore, she said that creating a positive work culture means being open to mistakes. It often unites, she added.

“As a team leader, I need to model this behavior directly for others to feel they have permission to do so,” she said.

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