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Republican challenger in Nevada Senate election refuses to endorse FBI, calling it ‘too political’

HENDERSON, Nevada — Adam Laxalt called on Senator Catherine Cortez Mast, a Democratic opponent in the Nevada Senate election, to speak to George Floyd at a campaign event here Wednesday. He accused her of failing to stand up for law enforcement in 2020 after protests turned violent.

But after the incident, Republican Laxalt, who was once Nevada’s top law enforcement officer, refused to endorse the FBI.

“The FBI is too political right now and needs to do something to take the polarization out of it,” Laxalt said in response to an NBC News question. there is no.”

The FBI has come under increasing fire from Republicans after it seized government documents from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida last month.

Laxalto, the state’s former attorney general, is now embroiled in a margin of error race with Cortez Masto. tweeted last month He said the FBI’s actions in Florida “are just one example of the growing left-wing weaponization of federal agencies.”

“From November 8th, this seizure of power will end,” he added, referring to Election Day.

Laxalt made the latest remarks after a campaign event with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who served as an ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration. He emphasized law enforcement support for Laxalt, stating that “95% of the police in this state stand with me.”

Speaking at Dragon Ridge Country Club, Laxalto backed Cortez Mast should have condemned violence in Las Vegas after a local policeman was injured during a protest against police violence against black Americans two years ago told the person

“She took the mic and said, ‘Enough is enough. It’s not our city. We don’t support violence, we support the police,'” Laksalt said.

The Cortez mast shortly after the shooting of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer in June 2020 murmured“We don’t have all the details yet, but one thing is clear: this violence is unacceptable.”

Josh Marcus Blank, a campaign spokesman for Cortez Masto, said in a statement emailed Wednesday that Laxalto “attacked federal law enforcement” and “rebels who chased Capitol Police.” supported,” he said.

In an Associated Press statement earlier this year, Laxalt said he believes “very few” people who broke the law on Jan. 6, 2021, should be prosecuted.

More than 850 people have been indicted and more than 350 have pleaded guilty in connection with the January 6 attacks.

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