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Microsoft Teams leaders join Highspot. Edifecs, Acumatica add executives. Other – GeekWire

Brig Saleen. (LinkedIn photo)

Brig Sallyn Appointed President of Product and Engineering at Sales Enablement Software Startup high spot.

Sareen previously worked at Microsoft for 17 years, most recently as Corporate VP of Microsoft Teams. He has also held several other leadership roles, including Chief of Staff at Bing and He General Manager at MSN International.

Highspot raised $248 million in January at a valuation of $3.5 billion. The company’s enterprise software products are designed to help salespeople be more efficient, providing technology to improve the way they interact with prospects and more. Highspot reported growth during the pandemic as more transactions moved to video calls instead of conference rooms and restaurants. Customers include leading companies such as DocuSign, Workday, Siemens, and Adobe.

“Today, sales enablement and Highspot are at the crossroads of some of the great challenges facing every business, such as improving sales productivity amid challenging macroeconomic conditions and the many complexities of hybrid work.” Sareen wrote in a blog post.

Other major personnel changes in the Pacific Northwest tech environment:

  • google executive Alan Tigesen Named CEO of San Francisco-based docusignhas many employees in Seattle after former CEO Dan Springer stepped down this summer. DocuSign announced Wednesday that it will cut his 9% of its workforce.
  • healthcare software manufacturer Edifex hired David Peterson As Senior Vice President of Marketing Mira Ramani as legal counsel.
  • enterprise resource planning company Acumatica Hired Microsoft Veteran Jim Dessler as Vice President of Communications. Dessler has been with Microsoft for 17 years, most recently as Director of Cybersecurity, He Communications.
  • Nominated by US President Joe Biden Roger Knifesfounder of a telecommunications company NufusBarbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Louis Vincent and the Grenadines. Nyhus said he hosted a fundraiser for Biden in 2019 and recently sold the company to Spokane-based DH.
  • Ian KnoxPreviously leading the mobile product team at Compass, a real estate brokerage, he is now Chief Product Officer at SimplePractice, a health and wellness software company based in Los Angeles. Knox is based in Seattle.

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