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Holy County Republicans left without leadership after tense meeting | Myrtle Beach

CONWAY — The Hawley County Republican Party was supposed to elect a new leader at its Sept. 26 convention, but it didn’t happen.

The county leader had intended to replace the previous administration, who abruptly resigned earlier this month. After that, the meeting was suddenly adjourned without deciding on a new leader.

Former chairman of the Holly County Republican Party, Roger Slugle, has called a special meeting after he and his entire five-member party leadership team abruptly resigned.

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Slagle, State Executive Commissioner Tracy Diaz, Secretary Barbara Treacy and Interim Treasurer Angela King formally resigned on September 12, with their resignations effective September 30.

However, at the start of the September 26th meeting, Slagle announced that he wanted to cancel his resignation.

“After careful deliberation and an overwhelming outpouring of feedback from voters and members of the party’s executive committee, I have decided to withdraw my resignation,” Suraguru said.

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Slagle did not publicly announce its intention to revoke his resignation until the special meeting. Several party members in the room were planning to run for county leadership to replace him and his administration.

A dozen party members in the room applauded Sluggl’s announcement, but many other party members voiced their criticism.

One of the executive committee members asked why Sluggl should be allowed back to his original position after he “runs away from his duties like a coward.”

Others questioned the legality of whether Slagle could revoke his resignation, especially since it had already been submitted to and accepted by the SC Republicans. argued that there would be

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Then, a woman from the executive committee who criticized Slugglu was temporarily taken out of the conference room. The reason is that he interrupted the meeting and spoke out of turn.

The incident occurred shortly after the initial applause subsided for Sluggl’s announcement near the start of the meeting.

Several committee members used Robert’s Rules of Order – the framework and guidelines of parliamentary procedure – as they debated Sluggru and his administration on whether they could enter an executive session to select a new leadership candidate. – referred to the section of

At one point, everyone who was not a member of the Executive Committee was asked to leave the room as the Executive Committee was planning to enter an executive meeting to discuss potential candidates.

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However, one committee member continued to live stream the meeting during the alleged executive session, prompting all non-committee members to return to the conference room.

During the meeting, the party appeared divided, not allowing committee members to speak on the grounds that the women on the committee were temporarily kicked out, and Robert’s remarks on the executive session, among others. Many openly opposed Slug and his team for allegedly violating the rules of order.

Finally, about an hour into the meeting, the Hawley County Republican Executive Committee decided to postpone and hold another meeting in October. Details of that meeting are pending.

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The abrupt resignations of Slagle, Halpin, Diaz, Treacy, and King followed the state Republican executive committee’s quarterly meeting on Sept. 10, following the committee’s attempt to delay the recall of the 2021 state Republican convention. It was done after blaming the member and voting to remove the perk. About False Claims.

According to Republican state officials, members of these commissions included several Republican leaders from Holly and Greenville counties, including Slug and Diaz counties.

South Carolina Republican public relations director Claire Brady said a compromise was offered to Republican leaders in Holly County before the motion was passed, but the leaders chose not to accept it. Stated.

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“A compromise was proposed to suspend the motion if certain members apologized, but the compromise was withdrawn because members did not apologize,” Brady said.

“South Carolina Republicans continue to focus on the November election, beating Democrats top and bottom in Holly County and statewide.”

Republican leaders in Holly County accused state parties of publicly blaming them for not agreeing to the founding agenda. They also criticized Republicans in other states and counties for not supporting former President Donald Trump enough.

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