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Echo Design Group Plans Leadership Shift – WWD

Echo Design Group, a privately held, family-owned American accessories brand that has been in business for nearly a century, has promoted Charlie Roberts to President and Chief Revenue Officer.

As managing director, Mr. Roberts will have day-to-day responsibility for business operations and oversee sales. Stephen Roberts continues as CEO, but adds the title of Chief Product Officer, a newly created role, and relinquishes the title of President to his son. , dedicated to overseeing product development.

Charlie Roberts

Charlie’s appointment marks a historic moment for the company as it marks the fourth generation of the Roberts family management team to assume the role of president, as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. On the day of their wedding at New York City’s City Hall, Echo was launched with just a scarf. In addition, Echo licenses her Polo Men’s and Women’s and Lauren brands from Ralph Lauren and also owns a private her brand division that serves Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Museum of Modern Art. increase.

For nearly 100 years, the foundation of our success has been built on inspiring design, attentive service and a great work environment,” said Charlie. “Our business landscape is ever-changing and will evolve over time, but our future success will depend on realizing the timeless ideal my great-grandparents conceived of him in 1923. The future is to do this in a modern way.”

“As we look ahead and plan to celebrate our 100th anniversary, we know that our long-term and sustained success depends on our team’s excellence and readiness for the future,” Stephen said. Over the past decade, Charlie has proven to be a passionate, caring, and forward-thinking leader, and his passion for the people and future of Echo has earned him the recognition he deserves from our customers, external partners, and internal teams. He is a perfect collaborator and we look forward to working with him to lead the business into the next century.”

Stephen Roberts

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