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Find your one-stop solution for restaurant entertainment

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When it comes to streaming TV shows and sports at restaurants, the benefits are undeniable. Customers come to the store for the specific shows they want to see, often hosting larger dining parties, spending more and increasing their overall satisfaction.

However, it can be difficult for operators to find the right streaming provider to meet all their needs. Some providers offer some sports but omit popular shows like NFL Sunday Ticket and Thursday Night Football. Other providers may offer a variety of programming, but may require long-term contracts, pay additional monthly fees, or prohibit certain promotions that are beneficial to restaurants from his content.

When looking for a one-stop solution for in-restaurant entertainment, including extensive sports coverage, restaurant operators should consider the benefits of working with DIRECTV for BUSINESS. According to a recent survey by DIRECTV for BUSINESS, 91% of bars and restaurants agree that adding his DIRECTV to their business is a good idea, with more than 8 TVs installed in bars and restaurants. Restaurants include 93%. In addition, 89% of bar and restaurant subscribers rate DIRECTV as good, very good or very good for offering a variety of high-definition channels.

In addition to offering the popular NFL Sunday Ticket package, DIRECTV for BUSINESS now offers Thursday Night Football in partnership with Amazon Streaming. So bar and restaurant operators don’t have to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms to get all their content. the customer wants

Rob Thun, DIRECTV’s Chief Content Officer, said: Knowing exactly what his customers want, DIRECTV programming gives restaurants more than they need.

In addition to extensive sports programming, DIRECTV also offers top-rated entertainment options such as award shows, primetime programming and more. This is great for attracting a wide range of customers and keeping them happy throughout their visit.

Being able to find a one-stop solution for restaurant entertainment also means that operators can spend more time doing things other than researching streaming options. And when it comes to whether customers enjoy the programming offered, 87% of his bar and restaurant subscribers said that DIRECTV offers the programming that customers and employees would like to see. .

There are many benefits to opting into our comprehensive streaming service for bars and restaurants. No need to waste time looking at dozens of different providers. DIRECTV for BUSINESS gives your bar or restaurant everything they need to keep the party going.

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