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Boban Marjanovic excited about veteran leadership role in Houston

Listed at 7 feet 4 inches and 290 pounds, newly acquired veteran center Boban Marjanovic is the biggest player in the Houston Rockets and one of the biggest in the entire NBA. Unfortunately, he is a consistent rotation he is rarely a player. Because his massive body size makes him a defensive responsibility in many speed-based matchups.

But even if Marjanovic is a part-time situation player, he can provide value in other areas. That value was perfectly demonstrated during a hilarious interview on Monday’s Media Day in Houston, where the 2022-23 Rockets’ training camp has begun.

“I can play a double-double every night and score,” he said. “But it’s a team issue. It’s not about one person. Getting better is important for everyone. You never know when it’s your turn and you have to know to step up when you get the chance. There is

“I can bring a lot,” Marjanovic said of his value to the Rockets. “Not just in basketball, but in the locker room.”

Traded from a Western Conference contender to a rebuilding team as part of a deal to send Christian Wood to Dallas, Marjanovic, 34, was unhappy with the outcome.

“I’m happy to be here. I think it’s going to be a great, great year for us,” he said. “It’s about trying to be the best person you can be, helping your teammates and supporting them.”

Marjanovic was lauded by many of the Rockets’ new teammates and coaches, who begin training camp on Tuesday.

I follow them I know them,” said Marjanovic. “They’re really talented. They’re really good. They’re a good group of people. They love working out. They love spending hours in the gym. I see it.” That’s all.By the way, they are really good guys.This makes me happy.We have everyone who can work together and make the best possible.”

“People are jumping around,” he added. “They’re jumping from the floor to the roof. They’re really nice and very exciting.”

The veteran added details about head coach Steven Cyrus, who he worked with at Dallas, and center second-year Alperen Sengan, who, like Marjanovic, is an Eastern European heavyweight.

Regarding Cyrus, Marjanovic said:

He seems like the nicest human being ever. I had a great experience with him. When he came here and moved[from his assistant position in Dallas]we lost so much that everyone was very sad. Great people, great hearts, knowledge of all things basketball. Of course, we wished him luck. Now I am happy to be here with him. It’s really cool to be around him.

With Sengun poised to start in front of center Marjanovic, the Serbian veteran pointed to the young prospect’s time at Turkish Super League side Besiktas Iklipex, where Sengun was named MVP for the 2020-21 season. did. Marjanovic says:

no one could stop him. He’s a great player and a good guy. He will get better and better every moment, every match, every day.

“They here have great hearts, great souls,” concludes Marjanovic. “It’s a blessing to be with them.”

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