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Blacktech Professional has decided to overcome recession and economic deceleration by strengthening community networks.

Tech network black experts will return to a face -to -face meeting where more than 20,000 participants gather. Toronto Toward BFUTR 2022

Toronto, September 26, 2022 / Cnw/ -Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) is the biggest community of black engineers and business experts. North AmericaReturn to the face -to -face meeting October 2022 With the launch of the BFUTR Global Tech Summit

The BFUTR Global Tech Summit is supported by the founder of the BPTN annual premier event and the founder of the title partner, TD Bank. October 19, 2022Until then October 21, 2022For the first two days of the meeting, we provide the number of remots selected by the participants and options to participate in face -to -face events, but the third -day programming components can only be accessed at the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel.

The world’s most prominent black tech conference is known for its magnificent after -party, including innovative tech talks, dynamic networking opportunities, career development seminars, and the most talented artists in the music industry.

What can BFUTR participants expect?

2022 Participants participating in the Hybrid Summit Experience can purchase a VIP path ($ 299) In order to access the venue, guests who access the event at remotely can secure a general path ($ 0) free. TD Bank is the founder of the title partner, not only 60 more influential corporate technology partners such as Linkedin, Salesforces, BMO, RBC, Intuit, but also black specialists and allies. I look forward to participants above people. The Summit provides opportunities to celebrate results and reunites with his old friend in his community, and uses the following conference benefits and programming elements:

  1. In tech talk led by more than 100 industry leaders and change makers, a keynote touch by celebrities such as the moderator of the “Desite Show”, which shared the latest technical progress in this field and won the Emmy Awards. Share points. Trevor Noah;
  2. After party by an artist nominated 6 times for the American rapper and the Grammy Award Rick Ross;
  3. One -on -one networking lounge, product demonstration, VIP social event TorontoAnd a series of greetings in some corporate offices in the Big Tech industry -Future job seekers gain a personalized experience in corporate culture.
  4. The most important thing is a series of dedicated recruitment and learning sessions designed to enhance and build scalable human resources pipelines and build opportunities for a sponsorship that black specialists attend.

Except for the revival of the face -to -face activities of the summit, which had been paused for the past two years due to pandemic restrictions, this black -led technical meeting is particularly noteworthy that its central function is to adopt talent and sponsorship. This is to provide a path of the way. The proportion of black experts in the industry that has been excluded as traditional consumers and executable human resources.

As the recession has grown, black experts have more unemployment and unemployment periods than white experts, more layoffs, frozen employment, decreasing the possibility of sponsorship, and lower salaries. Frequent climate has developed. For example, economists argue that the US labor market has recovered since pandemic and overall unemployment rate has decreased to 3.5%, but 6% rose. It influenced black workers (Economic Policy Research Institute 2021). This is not surprising, given that black experts are often hired and are often dismissed during the economy when the economy is unstable.

“The BFUTR Global Tech Summit has a global black tech community and its supporters, celebrate technology, learn about new industries innovation, and build employment pipelines with technology companies, and black professionals. It is a place that establishes the opportunity for sponsorship. Unfortunately, blacks tend to be the most hitting human resources pool in the economic downturn or recession. The best way to find a way for a house to go forward or to recession is to build and strengthen expert networks, which is always the aim of BFUTR to provide all participants every year. Thing.” – Lekan OravoeCEO & founder, BPTN.

For inquiries about media paths or all other media relations, Brendan WallerProduct Marketing Director BPTN AT [email protected].

2022 BFUTR Global Tech Summit Details and agenda should see the following URL: www.obsidi.com.

About black professionals in Tech Network Inc.

Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) is a black community, the largest technical expert in the United States. North AmericaBPTN, which was established in 2018, is a powerful pier that enhances the senior executive sponsorship to black technology and business experts in order to fill the network gap in the technical industry. We provide a network. BPTN ties, hires, and maintains black talent in partnership with companies. Has more than 60,000 members and 66 customers, BPTN launched ObsidiA multifaceted networking platform for experts who learn, grow, and level up careers.

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Detailed information: Brendan Waller, Product Marketing Director Black Professionals in Tech Network, [email protected]

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